Jason Carroll Age, Married, Wife, Gay, CNN, Net Worth, Height, Bio

Date: 17 Dec, 2017

Jason Carroll Age, Married, Wife, Gay, CNN, Net Worth, Height, Bio

To list the name of one successful journalist in today’s scenario where there are numerous journalists with a high competition among them, we can’t miss out the name of the journalist, Jason Caroll. He is a prominent journalist who works as a national correspondent for a very reputed channel, CNN. Award winner for many times, and most significantly, the winner of Edward R. Murrow Award, his life is an inspiration for the upcoming talents in journalism.

Jason’s Career Pathway:

Jason is well settled in the field of journalism. It’s no kidding that he works in one of the renowned television network, CNN. His professional journey to this date hasn’t been a piece of cake. He started as an on-air intern at KGET-TV in Bakersfield, California. Right after high school, he was scouted as a model too. He has also interned for 60 minutes and worked for CBS2.

After joining CNN, he has covered several breaking news stories like the earthquake in Haiti, numerous hurricanes including Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, and the war in Afganistan. He is a successful man in his career and He has an estimated net worth of $5 million from which we can take his salary as a pretty good. 

How is Jason’s Personal Life?

Jason Carroll has worked very hard to reach to his staus where he is on today's date. So, all his focus must have been for the advancement of the career. That may be the reason why he hasn’t made a statement to any of his headlines about his personal life. Apart from that, it could be his deliberate choice too – to remain away from media for personal reasons. Maybe he doesn’t enjoy to put his life in the limelight. It could be so that he doesn’t like to mix his personal life with the professional life.

If not mixing these two lives is his principal, that is totally a fine concept, and since it’s his decision, we must respect his choice. Due to his secretive personal life, there has not been a single word spoken about his relationship status. Because of this silence, there has been a situation where one feels that probably he is a guy who is hiding his real identity. How true is the allegation is a matter which can be only cleared by him? We can only hope that he opens up soon so that we will get a grip on the truth. Similarly, there is no any verified information if he is married, has a wife, children and is leading a family life.

A Short Bio:

Jason Caroll’s birth name is Jason Fredrick Carroll. He was born in Westlake Village, California. His actual birthday is not to be found in any source. which makes it difficult to tell about his age. He is of American nationality, and his ethnicity is white. He is the son of Melvin L. Carroll and Fredricka Allinson and Stacy Sykes and Melvin L Caroll Jr are his siblings. 

Education wise, he graduated from the University of Southern California, in the Bachelor of Arts in literature and creative writing. In his photos, he looks stunning and attractive. However, when we tried to bring to light about his body features like height and body weight, we didn’t find the relevant info.