Jacob Rascon Age, Married, Wife, Gay, Ethnicity, Family, Father, Brother, Wedding

Date: 03 Jul, 2018

Jacob Rascon Age, Married, Wife, Gay, Ethnicity, Family, Father, Brother, Wedding

American reporter Jacob Rascon currently works as a reporter for KPRC-TV in Houston which is an NBC affiliate TV. Before that, he was with NBC, the parent company of the T.V network where he is currently employed. Growing up in media family, his father was a TV journalist, and his uncle was one too. So for Jacob Rascon, being a journalist was a rule rather than an exception.

Apart from Jacob's professional journey, he lives a beautiful married life with his wife and children. Besides, Rascon's values his family first over his journalism career. 

Jacob Rascon's Bio:

Jacob Rascon is an American TV journalist associated with KPRC-TV. He is around 31 years of age according to the wiki. Having Mexican-American ethnicity, he is fluent in Spanish, and his grandparents hail from Guadalajara in Mexico.

Art Rascon is his Emmy winning father who works for ABC. His uncle, Dan Rascon, also is a reporter and an anchor for CBS. His brother, Matt, is another family member working in the same profession. Brought up with traditional family values, his views regarding religion, gay weddings, and abortion are conservative.  

Jacob Rascon went on to carry his family tradition and got associated in the field of media. Rascon previously served as a Dallas-based correspondent for NBC News after having his stint on KNBC, the NBC owned-and-operated station in Los Angeles.

Since 25 September 2017, Jacob is working as a reporter for NBC affiliate KPRC-TV in Houston.

Jacob Rascon's Wife And Children Come First Before The Job!

Jacob Rascon marriage with wife Ashley Rascon is something he values dearly in his life; so much so that he realized one day that he had a family and a wife and needed to be more with them and left his job at national level TV network NBC before joining his current employer just to be more with his children.

His work as a national news network correspondent, took him to many places, often to distant cities and foreign countries. While for some it might sound adventurous but for Jacob, he realized one day that money and the national spotlight wasn’t everything in life.

Jacob also had a very traditional upbringing where he and his family were very much part of the community while living in Houston where he grew up. He wanted to give something back to the community and be part of it.

That was also one reason why Jacob chose to shift to local news at KPRC rather than be continually hopping on planes to cover national broadcast on NBC. It also meant that he could be more with his family while doing local news.

Jacob Rascon with wife, Ashley Rascon, daughter, Olivia, and son on 8 May 2014. ( Photo: Ashley's Facebook)

As of now, Jacob Rascon is carrying a beautiful marriage voyage with his supportive wife, Ashley Rascon. Besides, the couple shares a compelling bond with their daughter and son.