Joe Anglim Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Date: 07 Nov, 2019

Joe Anglim Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Joe Anglim is an American reality TV star and social media artist who has reached the height of success by competing amazingly in CBS’s reality competition show, Survivor.

He has participated in Survivor: World’s Apart, Survivor: Cambodia, and Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Additionally, he has also acted in the TV series like Survivor: Ponderosa and Candy Crush.

Talking about his earnings, Joe has not revealed until today how much he was paid from the reality show. Neither he has revealed his exact net worth yet. 

Joe Anglim’s Girlfriend / Wife

Joe Anglim is happily engaged to his girlfriend, Sierra Dawn Thomas. 

His fiancee, Sierra Thomas, is a national champion for barrel racing and a model. She appeared in the 30th season of Survivor: World’s Apart.

Coming back to Joe and Sierra, the couple met for the first time in 2014 when both of them appeared in Survivor: Worlds Apart.

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They began dating only in 2018. 

In early April 2019, while they were driving back to Utah after Joe’s sister’s wedding, they stopped to camp for the night. On the same night, Joe gave her a surprise engagement making her embrace a teardrop-shaped ring. 

Joe Anglim with his fiancee Sierra Dawn Thomas on 2 October 2019 (Photo: Joe Anglim's Instagram)

As of now, the couple has announced to tie the knot as husband-wife on 23rd November 2019. 

Joe Anglim’s Bio, Net Worth

Joe Anglim was born on 30th September 1989 in Arizona, USA. 

Though he has not talked much about his family, he always mentions his father as an inspiration idol in his whole life. He claims that he has learned hard-working, compassionate behaviors from his father.

From an early age, Joe was quite active and participated in outdoor games passionately. He is an excellent player in his favorite sports, volleyball and basketball.

He proudly won the state championship for basketball during his senior years of high school. Later, he attended Northern Arizona University, where he played indoor volleyball.

After his education, Joe began his career as a multimedia artist. In addition to his sporty side, Joe has been famous as a fine artist and jewelry designer with long-time experience in painting, sculpting, and photography.

He thought of appearing in a television first emerged when he came across the reality show, Survivor.

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From the very first day, he was fascinated to participate in the competitive show and become the "Sole Survivor." 

Following his deep interest, he first appeared in the world-wide hit show in the 30th season and continued to compete in the 31st and 39th season as well. 

Throughout the show, Joe can be seen with his long iconic hair. But during the finale of his last season at the Survivor, he was challenged to provide $15,000 by popstar Sia if he did a haircut.

Planning to donate the acquired money for children’s charity, Joe happily cut his long rocking hair.