James Charles Gay, Boyfriend, Parents, Brother, Height

Date: 07 Jun, 2018

James Charles Gay, Boyfriend, Parents, Brother, Height

Quick Information

Date of Birth 1999-05-23
Nationality American
Profession Internet Personality
Marital Status Single
Divorced/Engaged Not Yet
Gay/Lesbain Yes
Net Worth $2 Million (Estimated)
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Children/Kids Not Yet
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches (175 cm)
Education Bethlehem Central High School
Siblings Ian Charles (Brother)

Instagram star James Charles is the newest face and the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl, a cosmetic brand. He came to limelight when he amassed more than 5 million followers on Instagram after his college prom makeover. 

Besides his fame, he is an openly gay man and even told his parents about his sexuality when he was twelve years old. His self-acceptance regarding his sexual orientation has encouraged many people to come forward and accept who they are.

James Charles: First Male Covergirl!

James Charles was born on 23 May 1999, in Bethlehem, New York. He is not the only child of his family, but he also has a younger brother named Ian Charles. He has taken a break from school because he started working as a makeup artist and did not get time to finish his high schooling.

Since an early age, James showed an interest in make-up and told his parents about it. After receiving approval from his parents, he ordered his first make-up kit online, and his father even helped him change the basement to a makeup studio.

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James began his career as a hairdresser, he used to do hairstyling for clients in his hometown but began to feel constricted when he kept getting requests for the same hairstyle.

James Charles' first ever makeover vs his makeover after a year. (Photo: James Charles' Instagram)

However, soon after he did his friend's makeup and posted a picture on social media, he got positive feedback, and other people started requesting him for their makeup.

When he posted his first picture of himself in Halloween makeup, he got the overwhelmingly positive result and amassed over 400,000 followers on Instagram and over 147,000 subscribers on his YouTube makeup tutorial channel.

He also posted photos of himself celebrating his first anniversary "of the first time I ever tried makeup on myself."

Besides an internet sensation, James, who stands at the tall height of 5 feet 10 inches tall, is also a good singer. He often posts short clips of himself singing with his best friend Anthony Gargiulo, another social media star, and with other friends.

James Lost 500K Instagram Followers

James who has the total followers of 14.3 million in his Instagram account on 12 February 2019. He is not only the one to face the massive drop down of followers many people with high followers as well as ordinary people also met the problem.

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After the loss of 500K followers, James tweeted, "why did I just lose over half a million followers, @Instagram wdy sis." Known people like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry also lost millions of followers.

Even Antonia Garza lost 40K followers in her YouTube after she collaborated with James. Which might be because of James controversial past which he does not like to talk. The reason she lost followers might be James was too much for Antonia fans to handle.

However, the wreckage turns out to be a glitch occurred on Instagram. After the acknowledgment of the issue, Instagram tweeted in Twitter saying "working to resolve this as quickly as possible." Later, they tweeted suggesting the problem caused when Instagram was cleansing the Instagram platform of fake accounts.

James' Controversy

When someone becomes a public figure, they not only gain name and fame but some controversies as well. Recently, the feud between James and his former friend Tati Westbrook has broken the internet. Tati owns a Halo Beauty hair supplement brand. 

In May 2019, Tati accused James of being unsupportive after he posted an Insta video about Sugar Bear Hair supplements which is a rival to her brand. She posted a 43-minute YouTube video where she spoke about the feeling betrayed and lost. 

After her video escalated quickly, James also posted a video with an apology message, but it did not seem to work. Tati again accused him of the lies he made about her and also the advantages he took of others. She also mentioned that James commented on wanting to hook up with a straight man while disregarding his sexual orientation. 

During the feud between them, James lost 1 million subscribers; meanwhile, Tati gained almost a million subscribers. 

James Charles Openly Gay At Age 12!

James Charles openly accepted him being a gay on Ellen show on 14 November 2016. In the show, he opened up about his coming out experience and said that he had told his parents about his sexuality at the age of 12.

He further told that his parents were incredibly accepting and got a lot of support from his school and community.

Does James Have Any Boyfriend?

Though James is opened up about his sexuality, he never uncovered the names of his boyfriend on social media.

However, in the past, James was rumored to be dating Aaron Fuller, another social media star in January 2017. They first got in touch through a private message on Instagram. After that, they started exchanging messages before heading out for a date.

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Sadly, their date soon turned into a huge drama as Tana Mongeau; another social media star accused Aaron of using James for fame. Hence, James decided to come out of this.

Likewise, in September 2017, a guy named Shawn took to his Twitter account and revealed that James had matched with him on Tinder. After knowing this, James called Shawn out for using him for Twitter fame, and later Shawn apologized to him for the mistake he has done.