Elliott Spencer Married Status With Stephen Fry Revealed! Husband, Gay, Wedding, Bio

Date: 19 Jun, 2018

Elliott Spencer Married Status With Stephen Fry Revealed! Husband, Gay, Wedding, Bio

Elliot Spencer rose to fame after being married to his longtime husband Stephen Fry who is an award-winning author as well as a comedian. Besides that, he is also a comedian and actor.

Apart from that, Elliot is thirty-years junior to Stephen, and their relationship has been kept under the wrap for several years. Despite their thirty-year age gap, they have now shared the romantic wedding as husband and husband.




Openly Gay "From The Birth"; Wedding Witnessed By Oscar Wilde Doll 

Elliott Spencer is married to his longtime husband Stephen Fry on 17 January 2015 in Dereham, Norfolk. Stephen is also an openly gay man, and he admitted that he has been gay from the birth.

Both the couple met for the first time in the year 2014 and soon started dating. Elliott was known as Mr. E before they unveiled the relationship to the media.

Elliott is thirty years younger than Stephen, and his father is the same age as Stephen.

According to Mirror magazine, the comedian Stephen announced the news of the marriage by gushing over their union via Twitter with an adorable photo of the moment that his husband signed the registry.

Back on 17 January 2015, tweeted a post regarding their marriage in which he captioned, Elliott and Spencer went into the room as two different people and sign a book and left the room as one. 

Elliott Spencer and Stephen Fry signing the registrar (Photo: Stephen Fry's Twitter)

However, it is not known to the media as how many people attended the wedding, but Stephen jokingly said their wedding had been witnessed by an Oscar Wilde doll. 

Since marrying Stephen Fry, Elliott has been going from strength to strength and has been helping Stephen in his difficult time that come from bipolar disorder, and together they bought each other happiness in their life.

Both Stephen and Elliott share the love of the arts, and so Elliott attended different shows and exhibitions along with Stephen.

Elliott has been credited with helping the Ql in finding happiness in his personal life.

Elliott’s Short Bio-Wiki

Elliott Spencer was born on 2 May 1987 in Southhampton, England to parents Robert Spencer and Melinda Spencer. Currently, he is 31 years of age, and the birth sign is Taurus.

Since an early age, he had a dream to become a comic and later he worked as an aspiring comedian before meeting Stephen Fry.

Elliott is also a keen photographer and self-proclaimed comedian who is also believed to dabble in writing. As for hobbies, Elliott is a big music fan and regularly attends gigs.

While he is best known for his marriage, Elliott is no stranger to being seen with celebrities. Elliott Spencer has appeared in pictures with such celebrities as comedians David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr.