CNN Zain Verjee Husband, Parents, Salary

Zain Verjee worked as a CNN news anchor...details on her married life with her husband...parents were from two different cities...with a hefty salary of...rose to heights of fame...holds Kenyan nationality...diversified ethnicity...completed her education...45 years of age as per her bio...original family descent roots back to Asia...contrast to her openness...

CNN Zain Verjee Husband, Parents, Salary

Zain Verjee is a famous journalist, known for her humanitarian work for the progressive development of Africa. She is the Founder and CEO of Zain Verjee Group, a media advisory service, and transformative communication group.

Further, Zain is also the CEO of aKoma Media, Chairman for Wildlife Direct International and a Board Member of the Equity Group Foundation International. 

Zain Verjee's Bio: Age, Parents

Born on 11 February 1974, the famous journalist, Zain Verjee, is 45 years of age in the time being. Born in Kenya to the Kenyan parents, Zain holds Kenyan nationality.

Zain’s parents were from two different cities in Kenya. Her father was from Nairobi while her mother was from Kisumu. Despite being the citizens of Kenya, Zain’s parents’ original family descent roots back to Asia. 

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Thus, though Zain never revealed her actual ethnicity, it would not be wrong to call her a lady belonging to a mixed descent.

Zain Verjee poses with her mother and father (Photo:

Also, her diversified ethnicity led Zain to be a multicultural ambassador for Kenya. 

Career In CNN, Salary

Zain Verjee started her career in the field of professional journalism in January 1996. She worked as a radio presenter for 98.4 Capital FM in Nairobi. She also featured as an anchor and reporter on Kenya Television Network from 1998.

Later, her extraordinary presentation got her a job on CNN; thus, the lady headed for London, UK and started as a news show host in March 2000.

Despite her early career in journalism, Zain rose to heights of fame from her image as a news anchor for CNN. She worked there as a daily news show host, field reporter, interviewer, and many other creative fields for the network.

However, after a whole bunch of unique experiences and a high level of recognition and reputation, Zain decided to quit her job in CNN in April 2014. She thanked everyone for supporting her throughout her journey in CNN and left the studio in an emotional note.

When it comes to her income from the network, as a senior journalist, Zain used to amass an average salary of $85K during her days in the CNN. 

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Despite her early success in her career, Zain’s passion for studies led her to gain a higher degree in education. In the middle of her career in journalism, Zain completed her education from the University of Oxford with a Masters degree in Creative Writing in 2015.

Zain Verjee Married To Husband?

Zain Verjee has been quite secretive when it comes to her relationships. Her dating life and relationship status is a contrast to her openness regarding her career.

Although the lady herself never unveiled many details, one of her September 2013 tweets revealed that she was dating the Kenyan hip-hop star, Darling P. 

Zain Verjee tweets on her relationship with Darling P on 10 September 2013 (Photo: Zain Verjee's Twitter)

However, Zain never disclosed any further details on her relationship with him.

To this date, after her tweet regarding her relationship with Darling P, Zain has not spoken anything related to her relationship or marital status.

However, for her followers, it is hard to believe that the immensely successful lady is still not married. So, the probability is, Zain has a husband but is willing to hide details on her married life with him.

Nevertheless, nothing can be assured as Zain herself is silent regarding the subject matter.