Is Tred Barta New Show About Hunting? Wife, Family, Age & Facts

American hunter and a fisherman Tred Barta received massive fame after being a part of...makes an average salary worth remains under the wraps...underwent two significant issues regarding...on the way to the recovery today...initially married to an anonymous woman, whose...married his third lover, Dorothy on...

Is Tred Barta New Show About Hunting? Wife, Family, Age & Facts

Quick Information

Best known as an American hunter and a fisherman, Tred Barta received massive fame after being a part of The Versus Channel.

He has been sharing his life experiences in the show The Best and Worst of Tred Barta. Besides being a media personality, Tred is a man, who has undergone two significant issues regarding his health.

It all started back in 2009 when Tred suffered from a severe spinal stroke. While preparing himself for a trip to Alaska for a bear hunt, Tred felt something in his leg. But he ignored the initial feeling and began his journey. As Tred was about to get on the lane, the situation got worse, so he immediately went to the doctor, who diagnosed the cause as a spinal stroke.

After some peaceful sleep and medications, Tred partially recovered and continued his work as a hunter.

But this was not only the problem Tred faced in his life as he suffered from horrible pain in his right hand and pinkie finger again. Because of this, Tred underwent surgery on the first week of November 2018 and is on his way to the recovery today.

Married, Wife

Tred is one of those celebrities, who found his true love only after two marital experiences. He was initially married to an anonymous woman, whose identity is yet to be revealed. Tred experienced bitterness with his first wife as she left him for another man.

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Though he parted ways with his first wife after 17 years, Tred found someone, who replaced his first wife’s place. He married his high school sweetheart Anni Mitchell on 8 October 2004, reconnecting after fourteen years.

The pair were perfect examples of a loving couple. But things did not go as expected as the couple went through complication in their relationship.

Tred Barta poses with his wife Anni Mitchell in April 2013 (Photo: Mobility SVM)

After celebrating a decade of togetherness, Tred and Anni separated with a divorce, which was quite heartbreaking for Tred. He even discussed his failed marriages with his Facebook family on 29 December 2015.

Luckily, he found someone that fit his empty spaces. He married his third lover, Dorothy on 29 April 2017. Since then, he has been relishing a married life with a low-key profile.

Tred Barta’s Bio

Tred, a graduate of the University of Colorado, was born on 28 March 1952 in Long Island. From the early times, he has been known for his outstanding hunting and fishing skills.

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As a fishing guide and a reality star, he makes an average salary of 37K dollars and 65K dollars. Though Tred’s net worth remains under the wraps, he is estimated to own a substantial net worth more than a million.

As of now, there is no news about him starting a new show, but there are possibilities that the 63-year old might come up with one soon.