Liza Tarbuck Married, Husband, Partner, Lesbian, Personal Life, Radio 2

English actress Liza Tarbuck has successfully enticed global audiences with her praise-worthy appearances on TV series and movies. Besides, Tarbuck has flaunted her versatility as a radio host on numerous occasions. Unlike her professional career, Liza’s personal life is a bit of a humdinger. Surrounded by lesbian rumors to relationship gossips, Liza has been a center of attraction for most of the time.   

Liza Tarbuck Married, Husband, Partner, Lesbian, Personal Life, Radio 2

Quick Information

Liza Tarbuck, daughter of legendary comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, is popular among her fans for her incredible sense of humor and her down-to-earth carefree personality. 

Besides her profession, her personal life has always been people’s interest, especially her sexuality. She has been a target of lesbian speculation for several years, but Tarbuck shut the rumor and clarified she is not a lesbian. 

Is Liza Tarbuck Married?

The BBC radio presenter and former actress, Tarbuck’s love life is somewhat mysterious. Not having revealed her relationships in the past, she was mostly circulated by lesbian rumors and relationship gossips. 

Talking in an interview a few years back, Tarbuck mentioned that the rumor that said she had been single for twenty years was not true. She further said, 

Some things I prefer to keep private. All I'll say here is I adore male company. It's extraordinary how great that attention can make you feel. And I don't do badly on that score, even if I'm single now.

At least, this statement makes it clear that she has had few secret lovers in the past. However, keeping her love life to herself left her fans coming up with their assumptions of her sexuality and possible partners. 

Also, the lesbian rumor might have sparked after she once talked about her two gay friends who made a pact that if Tarbuck were single by the age of 40, they would propose to her. 

When asked by an interviewer if the gay friends were still waiting, Tarbuck burst into infectious laughter and jokingly replied, “Yes, they bloody well are!” 

Currently, the radio presenter is single. She never married and didn’t have children. However, being single was never her intention. She once said in her interview, 

I always believed, as did my mum, that I'd be the one married to a farmer, with a huge brood running around my ankles. It hasn't happened, but that's okay. I've just not met anyone I want to have babies with. I'm frighteningly self-contained and I've got a lot of mates

Tarbuck’s Personal Life Details

The 56-year-old was born on 21 November 1964, in Liverpool, to parents Jimmy Tarbuck and Pauline Tarbuck. Her father, Jimmy Tarbuck, is a famous English comedian known as a host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium in the mid-1960s.

Liza Tarbuck with her father, Jimmy Tarbuck. (Source: Dailymail)

The presenter grew up with her older sister, Cheryl Tarbuck, and younger brother, James Tarbuck. And the whole family shares a very close bond.

Talking about her family time together, she said that she and her sibling would get together at her parents at least once every two weeks and went somewhere together for a holiday once a year. For example, for her parents’ 50th marriage anniversary, the whole family went to Devon to celebrate. 

Her Career and Net Worth

With her training at the National Youth Theatre, Tarbuck stepped into the acting industry with her breakthrough role in the British sitcom, Watching in 1987. She showcased her exceptional acting abilities portraying Pamela in the sitcom, staying with the show for an entire seven-year run. 

After years of acting and appearing in several dozens of films television series, she made a career change and became a radio presenter at BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 2. As for now, she continues to work as a BBC presenter. 

Given her famed and successful professional life, Tarbuck must have amassed a remarkable net worth with a handsome salary, which remains concealed. However, according to a source, her comedian father is entitled to the wealth of 5 million dollars.