Is Tracy Anderson Pregnant? Husband, Divorce, Married - All Details!

Tracy Anderson was born on...switched her focus to fitness training...proper diet plan and exercise...include mat arms without weight workout...her married life is...her first husband was Eric Anderson...the couple divorced their son...married the second husband broke off amid her pregnant rumors…

Is Tracy Anderson Pregnant? Husband, Divorce, Married - All Details!

Quick Information

Fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson was born on 3 March 1975. She is the daughter of the dance instructor, Diana Ephlin. As Tracy got dance training from a young age, she hoped to become a professional dancer in New York City. But, the first year she arrived in New York City, she gained 40 lb weight. So, instead of focusing on dance, she immediately switched her focus to fitness.

With proper diet plan and exercise, Tracy successfully reached the weight that she desired for. She even launched her online fitness program, TA Video Streaming. Today, Tracy is a celebrity trainer, who is mostly known for her Tracy Anderson Method. She also has a series of DVD collections for workouts that include mat arms workout and other exercises which can be done at home. From her workout tutorials on YouTube, the most popular one is where Tracy reveals the workout of arms without weights.

Tracy Anderson's Husband, Divorce

When it comes to her married life, Tracy doesn’t have a perfect story. She married her first husband, Eric Anderson in 1998. Eric was a basketball player during the days. Tracy and Eric even welcomed a son named Sam, who is 20 years old now.

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But, despite having a sweet family of three, the couple couldn't continue their marital voyage as they divorced in 2008; they remained on good terms to co-parent their son.

Eric died at the age of 48 on 9 December 2018. He passed away due to cardiac-related natural causes while suffering from pneumonia. And, Tracy didn’t hold back to share kind words for her late ex-husband on Instagram after his sudden death. 

Tracy Anderson shares words of appreciation for then-husband Eric with an old photo on 18 December 2018 (Photo: Tracy Anderson’s Instagram)

Tracy wasn’t single for too long after divorcing Eric. She found love in Matt Mogol and married him as her second husband in 2011. They welcomed their daughter, Penelope after a year of marriage. But, it was a short-lived relationship as Tracy and Matt opted for divorce in July 2013.

Pregnant Rumors

After going through two divorces and the loss of her first husband, Tracy gave love another chance in November 2016. That was when she met the CEO of Investec Property Fund, Nick Riley, who had only divorced his ex-wife, Sole Riley in July 2016.

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Tracy and Nick started dating and developed their relationship. And in February 2018, the fitness guru announced that she was engaged. Announcing her engagement, she posted pictures with her future husband on her Instagram with the caption, ‘It’s only been three days, and I’m already the happiest bride-to-be on the planet!’

Tracy Anderson cuddles up to her future-husband on 5 February 2018 (Photo: Tracy Anderson’s Instagram)

But in April 2018, Tracy’s future husband decided to break the engagement. There were also rumors that Tracy was pregnant with Nick’s baby. The rumors of her being pregnant spread more after she launched her pregnancy workout project in June 2018. 

Tracy didn’t address the rumors, and they died after a while. Also, Tracy turned out to be not pregnant. As of now, she is living the most of her life with her son and daughter.