Stav Danaos Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Salary

Stavros Danaos was born in 1978 as per his 41 years of age in the time being...Stav is not married to this date...related to his married life and wife...some even speculate him to be gay...present family life...pursue his education...height of fame as a weatherman...celebrates his birthday every...salary for his work at BBC...

Stav Danaos Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Salary

Quick Information

People often think that your childhood obsession is nothing more than your nature as a child that declines with the growing adulthood inside you.

However, in this era of technological advancement, your little interest can lead you to get the best out of yourself in the field, perfecting your childhood craze as a career setter.

Experiencing the exact situation is Stav Danaos, who rose to the height of fame as a weatherman for the BBC. Not very surprisingly, the man was obsessed with thunderstorms ever since his childhood.

Later, addressing his interest, Stav decided to pursue his education in the field of his attention.

Hence, Stav went to Manchester Metropolitan University and got a degree in Environmental Science in 1999. With a degree in Environmental Science, the man initially worked in pharmaceutical research.

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After working there for several years, Stav finally got his job in the BBC Weather Center in 2007. In BBC, Stav started as a weather forecaster for BBC Nations and Regions radio.

In 2010, Stav went to join the BBC Scotland at Pacific Quay in Glasgow. He worked there as a breakfast TV presenter as well as a regular voice on a Good Morning Scotland program.

Although Stav loved life in Scotland, he returned to London in 2013 and became a part of the UK as well as global weather broadcasting team.

Stav Danaos presents the weather for BBC (Photo: tvnewsroom)

As of now, Stav works for the same network of weather forecasters at BBC UK. However, to this date of his work in the network, Stav has not revealed his actual salary for his work.

Stav Danaos Wiki- Age

Born as Stavros Danaos in 1978, the famous weatherman, Stav Danaos, is 41 years of age in the time being. He is a Berkshire born BBC star who is known for his excellent weather casting presentation.

Despite his high fame as a weather forecaster, Stav has been successful in concealing the details on his personal life.

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Further, he has not even opened up much about his early family life with his parents, nor has the man revealed details on his birthday and family background.

Hopefully, Stav soon looks up to his fans’ concerns and unveils at least some basic details on his family life.

Married To Wife Or Gay?

Similar to his early family life, Stav has also been very lowkey about his present family life.

The man has not disclosed anything related to his married life and wife. There is a further probability that Stav is not married to this date.

To make matters more blurry, Stav is inactive in the platform of social media. If he had a bit of presence on social media, people would find it easy to peek into his life. However, since that isn't possible, we can only wait for the weather presenter to open up himself.

However, for the people who have been seeing the man on-camera for more than a decade long, it is quite hard to believe that he has never been in a relationship.

So, some even speculate him to be gay. However, Stav has never talked about his sexual orientation in the public, so nothing is certain as of now.