Sophie Stanbury Age, Husband, Divorce, Net Worth, Hair, Diet

Sophie Stanbury is an English reality television personality...her bio unfolds her nationality and... was previously married to...first met her husband in...has best known as a...she was once a good friend with...developed a negative feelings towards her husband when...has a total net worth of...owns a...

Sophie Stanbury Age, Husband, Divorce, Net Worth, Hair, Diet

English reality television personality, Sophie Stanbury is not a strange name to the viewers of the second season of Ladies of London. Professionally, she is the owner of the interior design company that she formed in 2010: whilst juggling motherhood and London’s limelight.

Sophie has also served as a brand ambassador for several fashions, beauty, and handbag brands.

Bio & Age

Sophie Stanbury, whose birthday falls, on 25 December, was born in 1975 in England. 

She finished her school at a traditional Convent in England.

Wedding & Family Life

Sophie was married to Alex Stanbury. Alex is the brother of Caroline Stanbury, a cast member of series; Ladies of London.

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They first met each other 12 years ago—Caroline introduced Sophie and Alex in one of the parties. Eventually, they fell for one another. They would go out to parties and have fun. 

Sophie Stanbury with her children on Christmas on 25 December 2019 (Photo: Sophie Stanbury's Instagram)

In the midst of their romantic relationship, the pair got blessed with two sons; Harry and Finn. 


Sophi and Alex 's relationship couldn't withstand for long. Things were perfect before the couple welcomed their children.

But, after they welcomed their kids, there arose a problem in their life. Alex continued partying and hanging around while Sophie was left behind with her two children. So, Sophie developed negative feelings towards her husband, and as a result, the marriage came to an end.

Eventually, Sophie was compelled to file for a divorce when her husband, Alex, did not take the family responsibility seriously. She was going through the divorce during season three of Ladies of London.

As soon as Sophie separated from her hubby, her friendship with Caroline Stanbury also ended in a bad note.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net worth, English businesswoman, and reality television personality, Sophie Stanbury has accumulated a total net worth of $15 million.

Diet Related

Sophie is very conscious regarding her fitness and her body. To stay fit and healthy, the Ladies of London star workouts daily and takes her diet seriously.

She went completely vegan for two weeks in February 2019 to see how easy it was to stay without eating fish or meat.

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Sophie confirmed via an Instagram post on 13 February 2019 that she was totally in love with her new food diet and enjoyed making roasted veg.

Things You May Want To Discover About Sophie Stanbury

  • She once worked at London’s most private, high-end Nightclub-Annabel’s. The club has welcomed stars from Princess Dianna to Kate Moss.

  • Sophie loves traveling. She has traveled from places like Ibiza and Scotland to Malibu and other U.S destinations. 

  • She has gorgeous wavy, blonde hair. And, she also shares her hair tips with her fans by posting a video tutorial on IGTV.