Selina Scott Married, Husband, Lesbian, Private Life, Trump, Now

Selina Scott opened up about the lesbian rumor, her feud with the former US President Donald Trump, and her current home in North Yorkshire.

Selina Scott Married, Husband, Lesbian, Private Life, Trump, Now

Quick Information

Selina Scott, a recognized British television presenter, who has given the most significant part of her life to journalism, is now enjoying her time living on the farm of North Yorkshire. 

The TV presenter has always been the media’s interest, which often led her to become a major topic of discussion, whether it be her feud with Donald Trump or the media’s speculations over her sexuality. 

What Caused Media To Stirr-Up Regarding Her Sexuality?

Scott being a public figure, her personal life has always been a matter of curiosity of media. It was many years back when the subject of her sexuality became a hot topic. 

The speculations began after Greg Dyke publicly commented on her sexuality on national television. The offensive remark was intolerable to Scott, which made her clarify the statement by saying she wasn’t a lesbian. 

“How dare Greg Dyke sit there and join in speculation on whether I am a lesbian or not? It's not in my contract to tell them who I am seeing, who I am sleeping with, or anything else.”, the presenter said. 

Scott is very private about her personal life and likes to keep the prying eyes of media as far as possible from her personal affairs. However, people did find their way of making their assumptions regarding her personal life, and the false rumor circulated like a wildfire. 

She remains faithful to keep her personal life to herself and hasn’t yet revealed who she has been in a relationship with or married to. However, Scott cleared the lesbian rumor long ago by declaring it false. 

Scott’s Feud With Trump

Things between the journalist and the former U.S. president Trump started heating up after she exposed Trump as a fraud, in 1995.

On the other hand, Trump responded to Scott’s criticism with some mean letters attacking her looks and morality.

He even wrote, “My career is great, you’re a scumbag, you’re a loser, you’re seedy.”, as the Guardian reported.  

Scott’s Career and net Worth 

Scott’s family’s journalist background sure made an impact on her making her follow in their footsteps. The “golden girl” of BBC began her journey as a journalist in Dundee and later earned her TV anchor debut with ITV’s News at Ten

She is also the first female to launch BBC’s Breakfast Time. Since then, her career took off rapidly, and she has also worked with NBC, CBS, and Sky. She wasn’t just an ordinary presenter. Her uncanny resemblance with Princess Diana was the talk of the country. 

Serving the nation with her journalism for forty years, Scott is now a businesswoman owning a business of high-end cashmere, mohair socks, scarves, and gloves production. Her website gives the details of her products.

Through her business and her decades-long journalism, she has amassed an estimated net worth of around five million dollars, as per the source

Where Is Selina Scott Now?

Scott’s outstanding career shines brighter than the sun, which has placed her amongst the most prominent names on television. After serving for decades, Scott took time off from television, and currently, she is living on a beautiful farm in North Yorkshire. 

On her farm, she is accompanied by some of her farm animals like cattle, ducks, swans, and a couple of dogs.