Ross Cameron Married Status With Wife: Family, Salary, Net Worth - Personal Life Insight

Ross Cameron was married to.... However, in August 2004, he confessed....After his admittance, many reporters went.....After his conformance to...Currently working on Sky News, the former Liberal member of Australian House of Representatives, Ross earns himself..

Ross Cameron Married Status With Wife: Family, Salary, Net Worth - Personal Life Insight

Quick Information

Ross Cameron, who is well known as an Australian Politician, has influenced and experienced ups and downs in his life.

While he has positively influenced some people, he has had his share of controversies with others. 

Since he is quite famous and successful, people are well informed about his professional life, but unlike his career, his personal life and relation with his family still remain unknown to many. 

Ross Cameron Married To Wife?

Talking about his personal front, he got married to Genevieve Olsson on 3rd May 1996.

However, in August 2004, he confessed to an extramarital affair in an interview with Good Weekend while his wife was pregnant with twins. 

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After his admittance, many reporters went to discuss with him his personal life, and they speculated he might have numerous affairs. 

However, Cameron didn’t speak a thing about his other relationships. His confession was highly criticized and is reviewed to be the main reason that he lost his 2004 Federal election. 

After his conformance to adultery, he lived with his wife in Oatlands near Parramatta. 

However, in 2006, the pair, who shared four children, split up as his wife could not stand up to him concerning his extramarital affair and their relationship.

After the family crisis, the Australian politician was modestly leading a single life, going to and fro from his home to the studio of Sky News up until a tragedy caught him off-guard at his workplace.

Racist Comments Made On-Air Cost Him His Favourite Job

Ross never even though for a while before leaving his house in the morning that the very day would be his last day at the Sky News.

The journey that commenced as of 2013 lived until 2018 before The Sky News terminated his contract for racist remarks made on air.

During the late-night Outsiders program, this very expert is what Cameron had to say for about Chinese visitors to Disneyland-

If you go to the Disneyland in Shanghai on any typical morning of the week you'll see 20,000 black-haired, slanty-eyed, yellow-skinned Chinese desperate to get into Disneyland.

However, this is not Cameron's first time of being a part of controversies.

For some reasons, he has this way of getting tracked upon by the disputes and disagreements.

But then never before, the unfortunate incident had struck him so bad, taking away his employment.

His Wiki-Like Bio

Born in 1965, Ross Cameron is 54 years of age and is a son of a father who was a member of New South Wales Legislative Assembly.

Australian native, Ross is an Australian politician by profession, who was initially a lawyer and policy advisor.

In 1996 Federal election, he won Division of Parramatta and was elected to parliament. While in parliament, he held the Labor seat of Parramatta. He was also in association with the Christian organization, The Fellowship.

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However, at the 2004 Federal election, Ross lost his seat after admitting to adultery. He left parliament and joined Macquarie Bank’s Investment Group and worked in private as well as public sectors till 2008.

Ross was also the founder of MyATM. While on MyATM, he bought more than 15.5 million shares in April 2010 and became a shareholder who had the net worth of approximately $3.9 million.

He later resigned from his post as a board member and remained as a board of My ATM New Zealand and Aussie ATM. In 2013, he went to Sky News and worked as a co-host on the show, The Contrarians in July 2014.

Ross Cameron as co-host of Sky News in Outsiders on 26 March 2018 (Photo: Sky News Australia's Twitter)

In October 2016, he was seen supporting the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Ross began co-hosting Outsiders on Sky News since 4 December 2016.

Working on Sky News, the former Liberal member of Australian House of Representatives, Ross earned himself a considerable amount of salary as a former co-host for his show, although the figures remain confined.