Motoki Maxted Girlfriend, Gay, Parents, Age

Motoki Maxted was born on...introduce his girlfriend soon...think if he was gay... close to his parents and the age of 19...Motoki's bio reveals...salary per worth...celebrates his birthday...he is of average height....nationality... he likes Justin Beiber and 1D songs...Tinder date turned out to be...he was smitten by her....

Motoki Maxted Girlfriend, Gay, Parents, Age

Quick Information

YouTube has served as a channel for many young men and women to showcase their skills, and many of them have gained massive popularity through it. Similar is the case with one of the famous YouTube star and social media personality Motoki Maxted. With 482K followers on Instagram and more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Motoki has been able to amass many fans with his relationship advice and daily struggles videos.

Motoki Maxted Girlfriend, Gay?

Motoki Maxted is not a very public person like other YouTube stars, who generally flaunt their relationship on social media. Because of his secretive nature, many of his fans were curious about his sexuality which led them to think if he was gay.

Motoki Maxted talks about his sexuality on 3 February 2012 (Photo: Motoki Maxted's Twitter)

Motoki once mentioned in a Twitter post that he is not gay, and because he likes Justin Beiber and 1D songs, nobody should assume his sexuality. That answers many of the fans curiosity!

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And, if that does not, here's another proof. Motoki Maxted had a beautiful girlfriend back in 2015, and he even posted a video with her on his YouTube channel. He used to post many tweets about her, and it seemed like he was smitten by her.

Then the couple supposedly broke up, because Motoki Maxted posted a new video in 2016, in which he revealed why he was single. No information about his past relationships and the reason for the break up was mentioned.

Even though Motoki Maxted is not in a serious relationship, he has been looking for the girl of his dreams. On 10 October 2016, Motoki introduced his Tinder date Melissa on one of his videos!

However, he posted another video after a month and disclosed that his last relationship did not work out because he wasn't serious about dating. Currently, he is single and might be focusing on his YouTube career.

Motoki Maxted Parents, Age

Born in 1996, Motoki Maxted celebrates his birthday on 3 December every year. He lived in Japan for three years with his Japanese mother and family as per his bio. He has yet to reveal his nationality, but since he was born in the USA, his citizenship is probably American. 

Motoki is very close to his parents and elder sister. Even though Motoki is very active on social media, he rarely posts pictures with his family members because he does not want too much publicity in his private matters. However, he has featured his Japanese mother severally on his YouTube videos.

Motoki was obsessed with cameras since his childhood and always recorded videos with his siblings. Now, he thinks that most of those videos were lame, but they had a ton of fun creating that, so it was worth it.

Motoki's bio reveals that he graduated at the age of 19 and posted a picture with a bright smile on Instagram. 

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Motoki revealed in one of his twitter posts that he is not 6 feet, but he looks pretty tall, so it can be assumed that he is of average height.

Motoki has not only won hearts with his YouTube videos, but he has also amassed himself a hefty net worth as he earns an average of €6.4K - €100K salary per year.