Maureen Wroblewitz Parents, Ethnicity, Boyfriend

Maureen, age 21, having been born to...beautifully embraces a mixed ethnicity...parents' middle child...holds Filipino nationality...three siblings...the height of 5 feet and 6 inches...seemingly single gushed about celebrity crush...refer to as her of the midst of 2019...hesitant to audition...breast cancer...undeniable happened anyway...

Maureen Wroblewitz Parents, Ethnicity, Boyfriend

People often get the tongue-twists, whenever they are asked to pronounce the gorgeous, Maureen Wroblewitz’s last name.

Thus, to save everyone from the trouble, Asia’s Next Top Model revealed the actual way to pronounce her German-Polish name, which being “Robol-weetz.”

It is not just her name that is captivating, but her life stories to how she won the big title, growing up in diverse parts of the world, and a great many significant incidents in her life that are equally enthralling.

Maureen was the first-ever Filipina, even though she was a “shortest and youngest," in her 18 to win the reality TV show, ANTM’s fifth season back in 2017.

After her astonishing win over the modeling world, she joined the local television venture, Eat Bulaga, out of respect for her grandmother's long haul wish in September 2018.

However, as of the midst of 2019, she came up with a video, and notified her audiences, that she was to leave her noontime show.

She added that it was a mutual decision between her and the show people. Many have taken this gesture as a hint of her possible silver screen debut.

Maureen Wroblewitz Age, Parents Details

Maureen, age 21, having been born to a German father and Filipino mother, embraces a mixed ethnicity. Besides, as mentioned several times before, she is Filipino by nationality.

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At distinct points in her life, Maureen lived in different places. She was born as her parents' middle child in Saudi Arabia, where she spent 12 years of her life.

The family then moved to Germany, with the four girls, Maureen, and her three siblings, Melissa Faye, Marielle, and Marion. The Wroblewitz girls are a complete look alike.

Maureen Wroblewitz posing with her look-alike siblings on 17 July 2017 (Photo: Maureen Wroblewitz's Instagram)

Maureen’s final destination would be to the Philippines, enticed by the Filipino culture-stories she grew up hearing from her mother while she was still alive. 

The lady of the Wroblewitz household, who was a kind, nurturing, yet strong person, saw to her last days during 2009.

The breast cancer Maureen's mother had for eight long years spread all over her body. During the rear few weeks of her life, the family prayed together. But, the undeniable happened anyway. 

Who Is Maureen Wroblewitz's Boyfriend?

Insecure about her height of 5 feet and 6 inches (1.68 meters), Maureen was hesitant to audition for the most significant breakthrough of her life.

But with every tough decision she took over a period of time, she faced her meekness bravely.

Today, there are millions of fans obsessing over her beauty and talents. And, people are way beyond curious to know about her love life.

In such a scenario, they have this tendency of creating fantasies about their favorite character with whoever they seem friendly with.

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For the very reason, Maureen often gets asked if she has something going on with JK Labajo, who she is seen hanging out with. JK also happens to be the person behind most of Maureen's beautiful captures shared over social media.

But, Maureen claimed that they were the best of friends. Over the talk show, she also mentioned that they first formed the bonding over their similar family descents- half German.

The seemingly single gorgeous, gushed about her celebrity crush, letting the possible suitors know that currently, she does not have anyone in her life who she could refer to as her 'boyfriend.'