Who Is Martin Bashir? Michael Jackson's Interviewer Interesting Facts

Martin Bashir was born on 9th January as per his bio...his age now...on Michael Jackson's interview...the documentary in 2003...as a religion editor...was fired by the network for allegedly...crushing his current job...so that his cancer...as the tumor was in its early stage...prominent participants of this year’s X-Factor...his family members...with his wife and his children...

Who Is Martin Bashir? Michael Jackson's Interviewer Interesting Facts

One of the most respected and renowned journalists, Martin Bashir, has interviewed many big names to date.

And amongst many of his interviews, his interview with late dancer/performer, Michael Jackson, has received maximum audiences views. 

As of now, Martin is crushing his current job at the BBC as a religion editor as well as an English journalist and news anchor. 

Moreover, he previously worked at MSNBC, where his colleague journalist, Alec Baldwin, was fired by the network for allegedly using a gay word against a photographer on the street.

Sometime later, Martin too resigned from there over comments disparaging Sarah Palin in 2013. 

Martin Bashir's Interview & Documentary

Out of many interviews, Michael Jackson's interview and the documentary in 2003 around his life was the biggest success for Martin Bashir.

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Adding to this, the documentary/interview was named ‘Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me’ by Martin.

It was a big success for him, particularly because prior to that, the life of Micheal Jackson was mysterious, where many did not know about his home, his life, and his habits.

But that documentary revealed everything that the world wanted to know about the famous popstar. 

Martin Bashir and Michael Jackson's still-image from Martin's interview in 2003 (Photo: Rex Features)

That interview also gave birth to controversies as the documentary narrated Michael's relationship with a teenage cancer patient called Gavin Arvizo.

This detail tagged Michael of being a child molester and a pedophile. 

Besides that, Martin’s interview with Princess Diana on 20th November 1995 is also a highlight of his career. 

The interview was watched by 22.8 million viewers in the United Kingdom, which mainly revealed the reason why Diana and Prince Charles had to break their marriage. 


Yes, you read it right, X-Factor it is, and Martin Bashir has been one of the prominent participants of this year’s X-Factor Celebrity season. 

Moreover, Martin got into the show through to the live shows with his rendition of Nat King Cole’s L.O.V.E. 

Many believe that he might be the next exit of the show after Ricki Lake and Love Actually actress Olivia Olson’s exit previous week. 

However, Martin’s talent and luck have saved him to date in the show, and one has to wait for further episodes to check out his fortunes in the show.


In June 2008, Martin Bashir found out that he had a brain tumor that was growing on his pituitary gland. 

Although the news created a lot of stress for him and his family members, everyone got back to normal soon, too, as the tumor was in its early stage and could do no damage. 

Doctors suggested that it would be better not to operate and asked Martin to go on normally in his life. 

Nevertheless, Martin must be going through regular check-ups these days so that his cancer doesn't return. 

His Short Bio, Family

Martin Bashir was born on 9th January 1963 in London, England. 

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There, he was raised by his parents, who originally came from Pakistan and later moved to Britain in 1951.

Furthermore, he also had a brother named Tommy, who he lost in 1991 by the disease called muscular dystrophy. 


Speaking about his personal life, Martin is married to Deborah, who is a professional nurse. 

Moreover, Martin has not revealed his wedding details to the public, although he actively posts about his personal life in social media. 

Furthermore, Martin and his wife Deborah are blessed with three children who go by the names Phoebe, Samuel, and Eliza.