Mara Liasson Husband, Children, Baby, Fox News, NPR, Net Worth, Height

Mara Liasson is a face of a successful journalist and political pundit. She is a beautiful American who found her interest in the field of journalism. Mara was born on the 13th of June in the year 1955. At this age, she is well-established and is widely recognized all over the globe. Mara works as a political correspondent for National Public Radio.

Mara Liasson Husband, Children, Baby, Fox News, NPR, Net Worth, Height

Quick Information

The accomplished American journalist Mara Liasson is relishing her years-long marriage with American lawyer Jonathan Cuneo, but Liasson, being a private person, hasn't revealed much about her personal life. 

Mara Liasson’s Personal Life- Husband, Children

Though her professional career is very accessible, access to her personal life details is pretty tough. As the journalist likes to maintain privacy regarding her personal affairs, she hasn’t shared much information about her family. However, it is known that Liasson is a married woman and has been married to Jonathan Cuneo for a long time. 

Jonathan is an American lawyer who is the partner at the law firm Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuca located in  Washington, D.C. He has represented clients in governmental relations as well as state and federal litigation. He has also served in civil rights, consumer protection, human rights, and more for over three decades.

The educated and intellectual duo have a stable marriage with no controversial rumors regarding the relationship. Despite the long years of marriage and companionship, Liasson and Jonathan do not have any children. 

Also, the couple is often seen together at some public events. In 2016, they were spotted together in a White House event, a state dinner in honor of Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi.  

Mara Liasson’s Career at Fox News and Net Worth

Beginning her career as a freelancer, Liasson worked as a radio as well as a television reporter in San Fransisco. 

In 1985, Liasson worked at Berkeley’s KPFA before joining NPR and received a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism for her education at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

After the year-long course, she left the college and started working as a congressional correspondent for NPR and was honored with the award White House Correspondent’s Association’s Merriman Smith Award for her work as a daily news reporter from 1994 to 1997.

As of now, Mara has been working with Fox News for over a decade. She works as a panelist on FOX News Sunday, FOX Broadcasting Company’s public affairs program.

From her relentless dedication to journalism, reportedly, she has earned a net worth of 3 million dollars with an estimated annual salary of over 100 thousand dollars. 

Short Bio

Born on 13 June 1955, the journalist was raised in New York. Liasson attended Scarsdale High School in 1973 and was a brilliant student from an early age. While in high school, she and her colleagues formed an experimental democratic community, Scarsdale Alternative School, which continues to this date.

Later, she enrolled in Brown University for her higher education and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in American history.