Lori Greiner Husband, Married, Divorce and Children

The TV personality, investor, and entrepreneur Lori Greiner has her husband, Dan Greiner, as a support system for her flourishing career.

Lori Greiner Husband, Married, Divorce and Children

Quick Information

The Shark Lori Greiner, widely known for the show Shark Tank, is undoubtedly one of the most successful tv personalities who invests in deserving and potential entrepreneurs. But, most of all, the support of her spouse Dan Greiner behind her ideas might also have played an influential role in Greiner’s career.  

Greiner’s Supportive Husband

It is undeniable that having someone who believes and supports your dreams and ideas assists in your growth. And if that someone is your spouse, it's even better. 

Greiner first encountered her husband Dan Greiner at a sports bar and fell for each other. Soon after, the couple tied the knot and has been going strong ever since. 

Dan has been a great support system to her in bringing her ideas alive. She even describes her husband as “cautious” in her book, Invent It, Sell It, Bank It, and adds, “ And yet, in this instance he was on board from the minute I told him about my idea.”

Dan’s unhesitant support for Greiner’s own product manufacturing encouraged her to take bigger steps towards invention and entrepreneurship, which led her to start a QVC show, Clever and Unique Creations. Ultimately the show happened to be the network’s one of longest airing programs. 

Later, as Greiner’s career expanded, Dan resigned from his job to back Greiner’s venture, and now the couple shares the same office and works relentlessly. She also believes that both of their nature perfectly balance out their partnership in business and life. However, the duo is married to their work and does not have kids yet. But, their commitment and support for each other is something to aspire to. 

A Look Into Greiner’s Astonishing Career and Net Worth

Briefly starting her career as a jewelry designer and seller, Greiner invested in manufacturing a jewelry organizer. The product was a success and earned her enough to lift off her loan in just eighteen months. 

Patenting on several other products ranging from cosmetics and jewelry to households and electronics, Grainer took a step further and entered QVC with her show Clever and Unique Creations. 

Further, the Queen of QVC joined as an investor in the show Shark Tank, an American reality show that invests in entrepreneurs based on the potentiality of their ideas. Out of her several investments in the show, Scrub Daddy is considered one of Shark Tank's biggest profit-maker

Known as the gentle shark among others in the show, out of several other investments, Greiner also invested on The Mensch on a Bench idea pitched by an entrepreneur about manufacturing toys that symbolizes the importance of Jewish tradition, Hanukkah. She also showed her support by sharing the product through her Twitter on the occasion of Hanukkah. 

Moreover, Greiner’s entrepreneurial skills have earned her a hefty net worth of 120 million dollars, as reported.