Who Is Lisa Aziz Married To? Married, Family, Salary & Interesting Facts

As a journalist, Lisa Aziz has attracted a lot of attention by voicing her opinion on the groundbreaking several significant news. Lisa was the first half-Asian presenter seen on mainstream television. To know more about her personal and professional insights, scroll below!

Who Is Lisa Aziz Married To? Married, Family, Salary & Interesting Facts

Quick Information

Lisa Aziz is a popular news presenter and journalist who has made significant growth in her short career. 

She has attracted a lot of attention voicing her opinion on several groundbreaking news.

She appears on LBC's The Eddie Mair Show on weekdays, from 4 to 6 pm at LBC Radio and The Morning News, from Monday to Friday at 6:30 am. 

Before working at LBC, Lisa was a former at leading news channels like Sky News, BBC World News, CNBC, and ITV News

Short Bio: Age, Ethnicity

A native of Totnes, Devon, Lisa Aziz, was born on 19th June 1962. Hence her birth year reveals her age of 57-years, currently. 

Speaking about her family, she was born to an English mother and Bangladeshi father with the birth name Lisa Soraya Aziz.

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Thus, she embraces mixed ethnicity, even though she is British by nationality.

While growing up, Lisa's parents gave taught her the value of education which helped her to build motivation and achieve good academic qualification.

In the process, she graduated obtaining her degree in BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Goldsmiths, the University of London in England.

Lisa Aziz Husband? Insight Into Her Personal Life

When it comes to personal life, Lisa Aziz prefers to keep her relationship details very secretive. However, she has not been able to stop herself from hiding about her children.

Talking with Dailymail back on 24 February 2010 regarding her leave on ITV for personal reasons, she revealed that she has two children called Jacob and Leah.

She has settled herself as a single mother raising her two children. Jacob is currently 20 years old, and Leah is 24.

The Telegraph's journalist talking about Lisa's children on 10 July 2009 (Photo: The Telegraph)

Although she disclosed the existence of her children, she has not revealed the pictures of young kids.

Moreover, there is no evidence about her married life either, so the truth remains unclear until a further revelation from the news presenter.

Interesting Facts Of Liza's Career

She initiated her career as a journalist in 1983 after she moved to Bristol and worked as the television reporter for HTV West and BBC. In 1988, Lisa joined TV-AM as the main newscaster and became one of the first Muslim newscasters.

In 1992, she moved to Sky News but continued broadcasting news for TV-AM. Later, she became one of the senior news anchors of Sky News and worked till 2005.

Returning to Bristol, West Country in August 2005, she became the leading presenter and associate editor of ITV News program The West Tonight. After working for five years, she was suspended from ITV for allegedly fiddling her expenses.

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As per Dailymail on 10th July 2009, she was given £200K as her salary for a year and was bewildered with stress and has been prescribed anti-depressants.

It was further reported that she planned to sue ITV for religious and sex discrimination for forcing her out of the organization. 

Later, it was announced she had inducted legal measures against her employers in response to the allegations at ITV West.

After being suspended from ITV News, she joined Television for the Entertainment (TVE) in 2010 as head of the corporate and left in April 2012.

Whereas, on April 2011, she went to BBC London as a newsreader but left BBC in May 2012. After she moved away from BBC, the Devon native joined LBC and is continuing her work as Morning News presenter.

Lisa Aziz currently works at LBC where she presents The Morning News every Monday to Friday at 6:30 am (Photo: lbc.co.uk)

She was awarded EMMA Best Television News Journalist Award ifor2004 on her work as a journalist.

Working on various organizations as the news presenter, Lisa undoubtedly has a substantial net worth, despite the case that the actual figures remain confined.