Kobi Libii Wiki, Age, Parents, Siblings, Married, Girlfriend, Dating

The multitalented, Kobi Libii is an Actor, Teacher, and Consultant in Bi-Jingo. He has played in many regional and New York productions. However he is known for his roles in ‘Alpha House’ in 2013, ‘Madam Secretary’ in 2014, and ‘Transparent’ in 2014. Libii is further famous for films and television shows such as ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Younger,’ ‘Forever,’ ‘Next Caller’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2.’

Kobi Libii Wiki, Age, Parents, Siblings, Married, Girlfriend, Dating

Quick Information

The multitalented, Kobi Libii is an actor, teacher, and consultant in Bi-Jingo by profession.

He has played in many regional and New York productions. However, he is famously known for his roles in Alpha House, Madam Secretary, and Transparent. Libii is further known for films and television shows such as Jessica Jones, Girls, Younger, Forever, Next Caller and The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Kobi can also be seen in the Central Comedy's show The opposition with Jordan Klepper as a citizen journalist. In March 2018, he went to Maryland High School in Baltimore to speak about the underreported gun violence of the area with the students for his show, The Opposition.

Moreover, he along with Jordan Klepper had a tough conversation with InfoWars‘ Alex Jones as the two asked Alex if he was a crisis actor.

He is currently represented by Stewart Talent, Schreck Rose, and Bleecker Street Entertainment.

Is Kobi Libii Dating Or Married?

Kobi is one of those celebrities, who want to keep his personal life to himself. It is the reason that the paparazzi cannot find anything related to his girlfriend. Nevertheless, he has shared the screen with many gorgeous actresses like Sheila Tapia, Yara Martinez, Katherine Heigl, and Gaby Hoffman.

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It is very unusual that a guy like Kobi is not in a relationship. His female fans are very keen to know about his love affair. An official announcement is yet to be made concerning his girlfriend, but his Instagram post hints that he could be dating a woman named Elizabeth Hanly.

Kobi Libii carries 30 balloons while his valentine takes a picture of him on 14 February 2017 (Photo: Kobi Libii Instagram)

Libii has posted his picture on social media where he addresses Hanly as “my valentine.” So, is she the one who has stolen dear Kobi’s heart? You never know! But one thing is for sure; he knows how to keep his lady love happy, as he was seen holding many heart-shaped balloons in the Valentine day for his valentine.

But since then, Kobi has not posted anything on his girlfriend. Kobi is not very active in any of this social media accounts. So, it's unsure if the couple is still dating and planning to get married or have already parted ways.

Whatever, Kobi's relationship status may be, he has some interesting perspective on raising children. In an interview with interviewmagazine.com on 20 February 2013, he said:

I think it’s a challenging question to determine what is the right amount of empowerment to give your children before it becomes arrogance before it becomes ruthless.

As you see, the way he has shared his view, he is likely to be conscious about the ways of parenting and to be a good father in days to come.

Kobi Libii Biography

Kobi Libii was born on 20 January in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  All the Kobi’s picture shows that he is a middle-aged man with average height. As for his parents, he mentioned about them in an Instagram post of 2017 and disclosed that they had moved from their house. 

Other than that, Kobi has not shed details on the identity of his parents, siblings and family members. 

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Only it is known that he completed his Bachelors in Theater from Yale University. Kobi, who belongs to Afro-American ethnicity, knew he wanted to be a performer when he participated in a play in grade 8. With interest and passion, he studied acting and became a part of the comedy group, Just Add Water.

He also sharpened his improvisation skills via the Second City located in Chicago Illinois. 

As of now, he has already amassed a net worth of $ 1.1 million from his stint as an actor.