Kevin Brauch Bio, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Now

By Staff Writer | Published On: 21 Aug, 2019
Kevin Brauch Bio, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Now

Kevin Brauch is a well-known chef, recognized for his achievements as a host for the food-related shows. His stories of travels and adventures have inspired many to develop food enthusiasm. His performances in the field have been an encouragement for many young people to create a job out adventures.

Iron Chef Career, Net Worth

Although Kevin Brauch started his career with children’s program TVOKids, Iron Chef was one show that led him to highest fame. In the show, Kevin was selected as the host, and from then to the year 2014, Kevin was a part of the show, Iron Chef America. Even today, people recognize him for his detailed role as a show host in Iron Chef.

However, besides Iron Chef, some other shows were also the invincible parts of Kevin's career. One of those significant shows were The Thirsty Traveller.

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Kevin became part of the show The Thirsty Traveller in the year 2002 and worked there as a traveler host until 2008. Similarly, Kevin also worked in the shows like Superstar Chef Challenge, DaVinci: Unlocking the Genius, Chef Off, and many more.

As of now, Kevin seems to be doing a show similar to The Thirsty Traveller. He further looks all ready to surprise his fans and followers with his new show.

No doubt, whatever Kevin does, he becomes successful apart from learning exclusive new things with each journey. And further, the man must have made a satisfying amount of net worth from all his works up to now.

Married, Wife

For the age he has reached, many people think that Kevin is a married man. There is a possibility of that, too; however, the man himself has never revealed anything about his married life. Neither has he ever spoken about his wife or family.

Times and again in his tweets, Kevin mentions about his girlfriend. The girlfriend he says there, however, is not the real girlfriend. He instead refers to his TV as his girlfriend during some crucial matches.

Kevin Brauch refers to TV as his girlfriend on his 21st April 2017 Tweet about the hockey game (Photo: Kevin Brauch's Twitter)

Kevin has immense love for sports like basketball and hockey. His excitement for the games is visible in his twitter. Kevin has posted tweets where he has presented his eagerness to watch games with his girlfriend TV.

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Hopefully, someday or the other, Kevin reveals about his real-life partner to his eager followers, excited to know about his personal life.

Kevin Short Bio

The Ontario, Toronto native, Kevin Brauch is 51 years of age in the time being. He is an 18th July 1968 born chef best recognized for his job as a cooking show host.

It seems like Kevin’s family members, including his mother Lynda Loipersbeck and father Joe Brauch, have been supportive of him ever since his early age. Had they not been supportive, Kevin would have never been able to create an empire of food in his life. Meanwhile, his parents must be very proud of Kevin’s achievements in life.