Kelcey Carlson Bio, Husband, Parents, Salary

Kelcey Carlson joined FOX 9 in 2014 as per the age of...has been married to her husband...connection between Kelsey and her husband...higher than the average salary of any news anchor...Kelcey achieves greater heights...celebrates her birthday on 12th September...precisely on her parents...perfectly justifies her education...youthful during her news delivery...

Kelcey Carlson Bio, Husband, Parents, Salary

Kelcey Carlson is one of the best-known news anchors in the United States. Her dedication to the field of journalism has led her to the heights of success in the sector. 

Besides her excellent news presentation, Kelcey is also known for her positive nature and a fantastic fitness habit as she is an avid runner and has completed more than 20 marathons.

Hopefully, Kelcey achieves greater heights in the upcoming days. 

As a graduate of Indiana University, Kelcey Carlson's long-lived career in the field of journalism perfectly justifies her education degree and motivates many to follow the path. 

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After her work as a main morning show anchor and an investigative reporter in WRAL-TV for quite some years, Kelcey joined FOX 9 in 2014. She joined the channel as a news co-anchor at 5 and 5:30, and also at 9. 

Kelcey Carlson presents news of FOX 9 alongside her co-anchor (Photo: TRUST VETS YouTube)

In the FOX 9, Kelsey has been able to impress many with her incredible presentation of news. In fact, her bio in the news channel's page says, "We wish we could clone Kelcey."

Thus, the value Kelcey has made of herself through her exceptional work, is fascinating enough.

As of now, Kelcey does news anchoring at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm. Her bio on the channel's page also reveals that she does so much more around there.

Thus, Kelcey's salary for her work must be higher than the average salary of any news anchor.

Bio- Age, Parents

Famous news anchor, Kelcey Carlson celebrates her birthday on 12th September every year. Although Kelsey has not revealed her age, she looks very energetic and youthful during her news delivery.

When it comes to Kelsey's life before fame, she has not revealed much about it to her fans and followers.

However, Kelsey has pictured her parents in some of her social media posts.

Although Kelsey has never unveiled precisely on her parents, the two seem extremly proud of the person their daughter has turned to become.

Kelcey Carlson Married To Husband

Kelsey has been married to her husband, Dave Kent, for many years now. Kelsey and Dave have three children, two sons, and a daughter together.

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Among their children, Kellen, Charlie, and Kathryn, their daughter Kathryn, is the youngest one. The whole of the family reside in Minnesota and enjoy each moment there.

Kelcey Carlson's husband, Dave Kent, posts a picture of his wife clicking a picture of their children on their daughter's birthday (Photo: Dave Carlson's Twitter)

Many people wonder how this family's journey began. The most perfect of the reasons might be Kelsey and Dave's professional connection.

Kelcey's husband also has a relation with the media field as he works on KOOL 108 radio. Besides, he is also the voice behind a lot of YouTube advertisements. Thus, the connection between Kelsey and her husband is not just personal but a lot more professional.

Hopefully, this beautiful bond between Kelcey and her husband inspires people to have a lovely family and further be a strength to each other.