Justin Stamper Wiki, Age, Married, Family

According to Justin Stamper's wiki, he celebrates his birthday on 18 May...bio reveals his age...married yet...pregnant partner...spoken on his relationships...the first fortunate occasion in the family...assets in his net worth...holds American nationality... impressive career-height...with his gorgeous working partner...alliance seems to be limited within their profession...

Justin Stamper Wiki, Age, Married, Family

Quick Information

Justin Stamper, co-owner of Blueprint Real State Group, who was also featured in the show Zombie House Flipping, has made the best out of his worst situations. He has an inspiring story to tell, and guess what? -we've got you covered. Follow the article below to learn about how he began renovating houses just to sell them and became who he is today, successful!

2008's recession: A sour lemon which Justin Stamper along with his family turned into the sweetest lemonade

This high-school graduate lad was backpacking through Europe when he was summoned by his parents back home in New Orlando in 2008 as the financial crisis hampered the family's small business, making it difficult to pay for their mortgage. Justin, who always dreamt to be a musician, had a different venture awaiting him. Amid such a crisis, the family foreclosed home became a huge opportunity for the 19-year-old Justin to turn it around. Kudos to him and the team, the house was sold after two months of renovation which brought in 160 thousand profit. If that is not a great start, I don't know what is!

Sharing the experience through his Blog, Justin wrote,

"When a man is backed into a corner, he can either fall to his knees and accept his fate...or he can keep swinging and try to create his own fate. I learned from a very young age watching my father win and lose, win and lose, and start all over again that if you want to make it in America,you have to keep swinging...you have to keep going no matter how many times you fail, because this is the greatest country in the world and this is where dreams live and miracles happen everyday.

Justin had found his niche by then. He along with his family bought a house in auction every week, renovated it with the support of liquid capital scraped with some friends, sold it, and repeat until his family moved to Denver in 2012. However, Justin stayed back, and two years down the line, he was approached for the show Zombie House Flipping.

Justin Stamper’s Wiki / Bio, Age

Justin Stamper celebrates his birthday on 18 May every year. At the age of 31, the native of Orlando holds American nationality. Specifics on his early life and family is not known.

Is Justin Married To Partner?

The FYI network’s star, Justin has not spoken on his relationships and private life. He most probably is not married yet. Or else he might have hinted on the matter, be it unconsciously.

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However, in February 2017 he mentioned "8 months pregnant partner" on one of his tweets. Nonetheless, further details are not known

Justin Stamper, tweeting about the mysterious "pregnant partner" on 28 February 2017 (Photo: Justin Stamper's Twitter)

Justin’s personal life is a mystery as of now. However, the beautiful bond he shares with his dog, Marley can never go unnoticed. 

Some of his fans might have imagined him together with his gorgeous working partner, Ashley Casserly Greenberg. But their alliance seems to be limited within their profession.

His Net Worth

Maybe the terrible events in Justin's life happened for good. The incident has somehow been the catalyst to his successful career in the real state. 

In between 2008-2011, Justin and his family bought around 110 abandoned properties on auction; renovated them, and sold them again with healthy profit coming to their ways. 

Furthermore, in 2012, he stumbled into Ashlee Casserly Greenberg- the owner of the Blueprint Real Estate Group in Orlando. She assisted him on the venture and created a website to sell Justin’s rehabbed homes. 

In the process, Ashlee received an offer from A&E television for the show, Zombie House Flipping

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In 2015, they filmed for the show’s first season. Finding, buying, and fixing the vacated houses in the Orlando areas, Justin, Ashley, Keith Ori, and Peter Duke garnered impressive career height; continuing the journey in the second season in early 2017. 

The co-owner of the boutique brokerage – Blueprint Real Estate Group, must have amassed the colossal assets in his net worth in regards to all the efforts he put into his works.