Juliet Evancho Wiki, Boyfriend, Height

Juliet Evancho celebrates her birthday on... Her wiki reveals that she was...she has a very tall height and...since eleven years of age...she was dating him...now, is not a single lady...father Michael Evancho and her mother Lisa Evancho... with three other siblings...nationality is American...herself a huge amount of net worth...

Juliet Evancho Wiki, Boyfriend, Height

Quick Information

Being the family member of a famous singer Jackie Evancho, Juliet Evancho has gained a considerable amount of fame as her sister. Juliet Evancho is notable for her appearance in the reality TV show Growing Up Evancho, where she starred alongside her popular singer sister. 

As impressive as her family life sounds, it was not very easy for Juliet to come out as transgender and start a modeling career. But she did everything with grace and won the heart of millions with her work!

Apart from accompanying Jackie in her hit songs, Juliet is a full-time model and earns an average of about $48K per year.

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Her net worth is currently unknown, but speculating her salary, she sure has amassed herself a considerable amount of net worth.

Juliet Evancho Wiki, Transgender

Juliet Evancho celebrates her birthday on 27 May every year. Her wiki reveals that she was born in 1998 in the United States, so her nationality is American. She alongside with her three siblings: two sisters, Jackie and Rachel, and one brother, Zach was raised in a middle-class family where her father operated a video security business of his own.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Juliet embraces mixed ethnicity as her father's heritage is Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak, Hungarian and her mother is German and Italian. 

Juliet's life story is not as regular as that of an ordinary child. She was born as Jacob, a boy, who slowly realized that she was a girl trapped in a boy's body. Juliet, since her young days, did not have any interest in male toys but instead liked barbies and makeup.

When she started to talk to her parents and family about it, they took her to a doctor, who said that it was just a phase and she would probably grow out of it. Being only an eight-year-old at that time, she had not heard about the term "transgender," so she was not much aware of sexual awakening.

She and her family followed the doctor's advice, which caused her to suppress her feelings. Suppressing the emotions and not exploring her femininity caused her to be depressed for a few years but finally, she came terms with her sexuality at eleven years of age.

Then, she began her transformation, and her family supported her ever since.

Juliet Evancho shares quality time with her sister Jackie Evancho (Photo: TLC's Instagram)

Juliet's family are now very supportive of her decision, and her sister Jackie even talked to Trump about transgender rights! The sisters, apart from singing together, also share a very close bond.

Her father Michael Evancho and her mother Lisa Evancho are also LGBTQ rights supporter, who are very proud of their daughter for being strong enough to decide to undergo surgeries and are happy at her accomplishments.

At the age of 20, Juliet has not revealed her body measurements, but she has a very tall height and impressive slender body with curves at the perfect places.

Juliet Evancho Boyfriend

Juliet is not as famous as her sister, so that is probably why her love life has not gained much spotlight. But many males out in the world are fascinated to know about Juliet's love life.

Around the year 2015 to 2016, Juliet regularly posted about a guy called Deven on her Twitter and it seemed that she was dating him. His Twitter name reveals that his full name is Deven Paul Grosskinsky. 

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Juliet and Mark were in a relationship for a few years because the tweets soon stopped and nobody had any idea what happened! 

However, as of now, Juliet is not a single lady, and in a lovey-dovey relationship with a handsome man named Shaun Michael. Juliet treasures her love life and is seen posting pictures with her boyfriend on Instagram regularly.

Juliet Evancho attends a program with her boyfriend Shaun Michael on 18 February 2019 (Photo: Juliet Evancho's Instagram)

The couple looks adorable together and seeing how proud they are of one another; one can expect that Juliet has finally found her man!