Jennifer Valdez [CBS 46] Wiki: Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Jennifer Valdez was named the chief meteorologist for CBS unfolds his age, height, and weight...happy and in love with her husband...married over an April wedding...on raising children...her CBS 46 meteorologist salary...heading the team as away her fitness routines...sleepless nights sure paid off as the CBS 46...

Jennifer Valdez [CBS 46] Wiki: Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

The day, 1st of May 2019, will forever be a big day in Jennifer Valdez’s life. On that day, she was named the chief meteorologist for CBS 46, ultimately after serving the station for 11 long years.

All those struggles and sleepless nights sure paid off as the CBS 46 'News Director' announced that she was the “ideal person” to head the group and “help craft the direction” of their new organization. 

Jennifer Valdez CBS 46, Salary

Jennifer joined the CBS 46 Atlanta back in June 2008 as a 'Morning Show' co-host in the hour-long news and lifestyle show, Better Mornings Atlanta.

A few years into the field and she started appearing as a host of Atlanta Plugged In- and eventually as the noon and morning meteorologist in the CBS 46 News.

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And, now that the Mississippi State University alumni serve as a chief meteorologist, it is understandable that people have raising-eyebrows over her salary paycheques.

But then, it is not yet reported- the numbers that has been considered worthy of her excellent services.

Note: As estimated by, on average, the 'Meteorologists in Atlanta' are provided with salaries ranging from $52K to $78K.

Age, Height / Weight

Born on the 4th of November, Jennifer has so far lived to a presumably lived 34th or 35th birthdays.

Meanwhile, she stands to some unrevealed numbers of height and a figure that gives away her fitness routines.

However, she is yet to confirm the pounds she looks so good on- whatever the ensemble she chooses to present herself in.

Married Life With Husband

Jennifer is happy and in love with her husband, Derek Engelhard, father to her two beautiful children- daughter, Annelise Katherine (born on 4 August 2011), and a son Lucas (born on 4 February 2013).

From what it looks like, with each passing day, they are inspired to do better when it comes to their young ones.

Jennifer Valdez, her husband, Derek Engelhard, and their children, Annelise Katherine and Lucas on 21 May 2019 (Photo: Derek Engelhard's Facebook)

And, one thing that cannot go unnoticed, following them up close is that the Atlanta, Georgia based family is a big fan of taking family photos, and also they frequently on vacations.

Got Married Over An April Wedding

Jennifer, the most stunning bride, wrote in her personal vlog about the day she got married to her hubby one fine day in April 2009.

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She reviewed that everyone had a great time, and everything turned out “wonderfully.” The cake, music, flowers, all of it was all perfect.

And more than everything, the bride and groom were all-smiles to celebrate their love with their friends and family.

Jennifer Valdez and her husband, Derek Engelhard on their wedding day in April 2009 (Photo:

Meanwhile, her fans and admirers are happy to be left with the shots from her fabulous photographer, Jeff Hawkins.