Deadliest Catch Jake Anderson Wife, Children & Family Tragedy

Jake Anderson is an American fishing the hit Discovery Channel reality series Deadliest Catch...born on 16th September 1980...married to a former skateboarder Jenna...his wife and children...first met at a festival in Ballard in Seattle...lost his sister...his father, Keith Anderson, was mysteriously missing...released an autobiography titled Relapse...

Deadliest Catch Jake Anderson Wife, Children & Family Tragedy

Jake Anderson is an American fishing captain, who is famously known for appearing in the hit Discovery Channel reality series Deadliest Catch. He has been featured in the series since 2007.

He is also a passionate and skilled skateboarder.

Personal Life: Wife And Children

Jake Anderson is married to Jenna ‘Patterson’ Anderson, a former skateboarder. Together, they are parenting their two sons: Aiden Benn Arthur Anderson (born in January 2015) and Cadence Anderson (born on June 13, 2017).


Jake Anderson with his wife Jenna ‘Patterson’ Anderson and their two sons Aiden Benn Arthur Anderson and Cadence Anderson, on 5 April 2019 (Photo: Jake Anderson's Instagram)

Currently, Jake, along with his wife and children, resides in Seattle, Washington.

Their Dating Details

Jake Anderson and his wife Jenna Anderson first met at a festival in Ballard in Seattle when Jake was signing autographs for his fans. Jenna was one of the fans who came up to him for an autograph.

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According to Screener TV, Jake explains that instance with Jeena, by saying,

“I was doing shipyard duty, and they had a festival going… All these people were coming up to get autographs. I had just walked out, and Jenna came up. Her family had jumped off the boat to come and get autographs from us. I autographed [to her], ‘You’re beautiful.’”

Right after that, they even exchanged their numbers and started calling each other—slowly and gradually, they fell in love.

Three years later, in 2012, Jake proposed Jeena for marriage, getting down on his knees with the sun nearing sunset. Then, the couple tied knots on 12th May 2012. 

Bio: Age

Jake Anderson was born on 16th September 1980 in Mount Vernon, Washington, United States. 

Family Tragedy, Dad

Jake Anderson has gone through tough times when it comes to his family life.

In 2009, he lost his sister, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, due to complications from a bout of pneumonia. The sudden and unfortunate death of his sister broke his spirit, as he was very close to his sister. He has even tattooed the face of his sister accompanied by a halo to pay tribute to the lost soul.

A year later, after his sister’s death, Jake faced another blow when his father, Keith Anderson, mysteriously disappeared from 6th January 2010. Then, he was presumed dead after his truck was found abandoned in rural Washington area during the season six episode “Blown Off Course.”

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Later, in 2012, the skeletal remains of his father were found about a mile away from where a hiker abandoned his truck.

In a nutshell, Jake has gone through all these tragic moments with a strong heart, and still, he is focusing on his career, thinking that it would make his father and sister proud somewhere. 

Five Quick Facts About Jake Anderson

  • Jake Anderson has released an autobiography titled Relapse (2014).
  • According to, he owned a net worth of $1.8 million, as of 2014. 
  • He is a fourth-generation fisherman.
  • He was initially hired to the Northwestern by its captain and fellow Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen.