Gina Bullard Bio: Age, Husband, Divorce, Salary

Gina Bullard celebrates her birthday on 23 September as per her bio...American the age of...after high school, Gina completed her education from...determination heightened her career...with the KCTV/KCMO/ Meredith Corporation since October 2017...earns an average salary engaged... her husband got married at...of the divorce...

Gina Bullard Bio: Age, Husband, Divorce, Salary

Quick Information

One of the beloved KCTV 5 anchors with a charming, charismatic personality, Gina Bullard, is on top of her professional game as a talented journalist. Besides devoting time to her work, she seems to enjoy her life spending time with her loved ones, as her Instagram posts reveal. But what do we know about her mysterious love life? 

Is Gina Bullard Married? 

Bullard is not really a private person, but she hasn’t revealed any confirming details publicly yet when it comes to her love life. 

Diving into her Instagram account, she is seen to have posted few pictures with a guy named Michael Poppa. Their cozy pictures and Bullard’s captions somewhat hint they might have been dating or engaged. But, the last time she posted a picture with him was on June 9, 2018, and he hasn’t appeared on her posts since. 

Another confusion regarding her relationship is with Nathan Formalaire, a communication director at Vermont Tourism. A source suggests that Bullard and Nathan got married in 2015 in the gorgeous mountain of Vermont. The wedding website displays several pictures of the duo taken on their big day.  

But that’s about it. Her social media also doesn’t show any sign of her still being in a relationship, and the journalist is not seen in her wedding ring. Furthermore, although she is an active social media user and frequently uploads her whereabouts, Nathan is nowhere to be seen. This might suggest the couple divorced a long time ago. 

Gina Bullard and Nathan Formalaire at their wedding photoshoot. (Source: Luxe Mountain Weddings)

Is The Brain Tumor Rumor Real Or Fake?

Amid the rumor of her love life, she was yet again circulated with the rumor of having a brain tumor. Not sure what led to the rumor, but she does not have a brain tumor. 

In fact, she is a yoga trainer, lives a healthy life, and keeps up with her job regularly. Furthermore, digging deep into her social media feed, nothing regarding any illness is found, so the rumor is entirely false. 

Learn About Her Family and Net Worth

As per her biography results, the anchor was born on September 23, 1985. The American nationality holder grew up in Connecticut with her sister Christina Bullard. On December 22, 2017, she made an Instagram post sharing glimpses of her sister’s wedding with the golf instructor Luke McClellan.

Although she hasn’t mentioned any detailed information about her parents, based on a post from July 9, 2018, her mother’s name is probably Nancy Bullard. It seems like those in the picture, with her and her sister, are her parents. 

In pursuit of her education in journalism, Bullard Eastern Connecticut University, after completing her high school, earned a bachelor’s degree in media, arts, and communication. 

Having a passion for fashion, she worked as a women’s designer in J. Crew for almost three years. Then, she took a different route and joined WCAX-TV as an anchor and news reporter in 2012 and worked until 2017.

During her years with WCAX, she joined Vermont Public Television as an outdoor journal correspondent, where she works to this date. And, in 2016, Bullard joined KCTV5 as a full-time anchor, appearing regularly on the morning news. 

As per a source, her salary at the KCTV is probably over 70 thousand dollars annually. However, her net worth is unknown. 

Gina Bullard

Gina Bullard with her sister and parents. (Source: Instagram)