Dusty Dvoracek Wife, Salary, Family, Height

Dusty, age 36, attended the University of Oklahoma as he majored in...college football analyst on ESPN and ABC Saturday games...raised the joyous toasts of champagne to the 11 years of married life with wife...bio unfolds the story to weight loss...family details...exact figures to his salary...standing to the tallest height of...

Dusty Dvoracek Wife, Salary, Family, Height

Dusty, age 36, attended the University of Oklahoma as he majored in management.

However, it was football that seized his attention all the while in high school and college.

During the time he played football for his high school team, Dusty made it to the Houston Chronicle's Top 100 list and the Dallas Morning News's Texas Top 100.

Besides, he was also named all-district both on offense and defense in his senior year because of hie eye-raising football skills.

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After a great many historical winnings and several injuries in between, Dusty, standing to a fantastic athlete height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 meters), had no choice but to conclude his playing career as of the 15th of July 2011.

But then, impressive enough, Dusty just found some other ways to hold onto his passion for football.

ESPN-Dusty Dvoracek's Bio

The former American football nose tackle after his retirement worked as a college analyst for Fox Sports Southwest and Fox Sports Oklahoma.

And, surprisingly Dusty again found an uncalled for solace in his newfound profession.

And, while in recent times, he has got so much to celebrate for, as a college football analyst on ESPN and ABC Saturday games.

As of the 11th of August 2019, Dusty also officially signed up for the News 9 and News on 6 sports teams; multiple paycheques to add up to his ESPN salary!

Looking back, like many others in the very line of work, injuries happened mostly at times when less anticipated.

For instance, a time in 2006 when he was part of the NFL but could not participate in actual games as a result of which he was not able to burn all the calories he consumed.

In an attempt to sort out everything, he decided on a rehab process.

Together with his trainer, he worked on almost every aspect of his physical well being.

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With the altered diet, he amazingly felt the change- not just the weight loss but the increased muscle and as a whole a stronger self.

And the very experience in life taught him the need to stay healthy, no matter what!

Married To Wife?

Dusty is married to his wife!

And, the good news is that on the 29th of March 2019, he raised the joyous toasts of champagne to the 11 incredible years with his bride- named Lacy Dvoracek, who according to her social media bio is a traveler, coffee lover and a registered nurse by profession.

The long-haul love birds are more than happy parenting their three beautiful children- Jaxon (born on 2 October 2009), Hudson (born on 11 April 2012), and the only daughter, Sloane (born on 1 May 2016).

Dusty Dvoracek poses for a family picture with his wife, Lacy Dvoracek and three children- Jaxon, Hudson, Sloane on 3 May 2019 (Photo: Dusty Dvoracek's Instagram)

Dusty and Lacy have built their safe haven somewhere in Norman, Oklahoma. Being there for one another through every up and down in life, the family of five is undoubtedly the happiest of all!