Cameron Esposito Husband, Dating, Lesbian, Net Worth

Cameron Esposito got married to her long-term girlfriend, Rhea Butcher...don't have a a female was a great feeling for was hard to accept his daughter as a lesbian...37 years of age...was born in a typical Catholic attendee of Boston College...the height of 5 feet 4 inches...satisfying net worth...2019 article... married,husband,dating,lesbian,age,family,college,height,net worth,2019

Cameron Esposito Husband, Dating, Lesbian, Net Worth

Cameron Esposito has made a huge name in the field of comedy. Although the lady has more experiences of being a student in the Catholic Schools and Churches, she has also remained an attendee of Boston College.

Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and a celebrity at the same time has never been an easy job. Cameron has succeeded in both of her roles and encouraged everyone to be rooted for their originality.

Married to Husband or Lesbian?

Cameron Esposito realized that she was attracted towards females on the 2002 April fool's day. She had already started her career by then, which was a plus point for Cameron. It was always her career in the field of comedy that made her stronger in a societal perspective of coming out.

Being in love is the best feeling after you realize your originality. No doubt, after knowing her actual sexual orientation, dating a female was a great feeling for Cameron. It was probably something that made her feel connected to her real roots.

What-so-ever, the only public relationship of Cameron was with her fellow comedian Rhea Butcher. Cameron and Rhea were together for quite a long time. It was the depth of their friendship that kept the two going on, as a couple for a long time.

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By the time there was the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act in the United States, Cameron and Rhea were engaged. The reformation of the act hence came to Cameron and Rhea as a triumph. Thus, later in 2015, the two ended up getting legally married.

However, Cameron and Rhea couldn't continue their marriage for a lifetime, as they decided to part ways as a couple, in 2018. Both Cameron and Rhea made a public revelation about their divorce on the 8th of August 2018.

Cameron Esposito's ex-wife, Rhea Butcher's 8th August 2018 Tweet on her relationship with Cameron (Photo: Rhea Butcher's Twitter)

Both of them made the same Tweet with the only change being the name of one on the other's Tweet.

Thus, it was clear to Cameron and Rhea's fans that they decided to part ways, not because of any arguments but due to some of their growing differences.

Although Cameron revealed that she loved being married, she mentioned in her September 2019 article that the place she was today was the new beginning of her life. No doubt, with time, comes many new hopes and people, who would make Cameron feel special.

Age, Family

37-year-old famous comedian, Cameron Esposito celebrates her birthday on 17th October every year. She is the native of Illinois, who stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters).

Cameron was born in a typical Catholic family. Her parents raised her alongside her two sisters, an elder and a younger one. Cameron was always very close to both of her sisters as well as parents.

Despite the depth of her bond, Cameron was always unsure about coming out to her parents about her sexual orientation. However, she gathered her strength and revealed it to them. For her Catholic father, it was hard to accept his daughter as a lesbian, but he later managed to acquire Cameron in the way God has created her.

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Although Cameron's family mostly supported her, there was a time when Cameron had to become her own support. Her father was distressed by her coming out, but Cameron's sisters always spoke on the support of Cameron.

This helped Cameron give continuity to the pleasing relationship, she had with her father, even after some miscommunication in between.

Her Net Worth

In average, a comedian gets paid $40K on an hourly basis, in the United States. No doubt, Cameron, being one of the most famous ones, gets paid a far more considerable amount than that.

With all her pays to this date, Cameron already has made a hugely satisfying amount of property and net worth.