Nikki Glaser Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth

Nikki Glaser is known for hosting the MTV talk show, Nikki & Sara Live...married status with her boyfriend...also a potential husband...after dating for...carries a net worth of... the tall height of 5 feet 9 inches...body measurements show reveals her age...very close to her parents...independent comedian, that she is today...never fails to tickle her audience...

Nikki Glaser Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth

Quick Information

Nikki Glaser is known for hosting the MTV talk show, Nikki & Sara Live and appearing on the comedy documentary, I Am Comic. Comedian Nikki has hosted the favorite comedy show, You Had To Be There alongside Sara Schaefer, and We Know Nothing alongside Phil Hanley and Anya Marina.

Some of her standup comedies are also posted on YouTube, and she never fails to tickle her audience with her wit! 

Nikki Glasser Bio: Net Worth & Height

Nikki Glasser was born on 1 June 1984 in Ohio. Raised in a Catholic family, she embraces the mixed ethnicity of German and Irish. Nikki is very close to her parents, especially her father. She considers her father an inspiration who encouraged her to become the influential independent comedian that she is today.

The comedian completed her high school education from Kirkwood High School, in Missouri, and later went to the University of Kansas, where she attained a degree in English Literature. 

Today, at the age of 34, Nikki stands at the tall height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Her body measurements show that she has an ideal body and weighs 57 kgs.

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Nikki's actual net worth is not revealed to the public, but since she is a famous comedian, it can be estimated that she earns a hefty amount of money. Her salary is not disclosed to people because of her secretive nature, but it is sure that she makes impressive digits. 

Nikki Glasser Married To Boyfriend / Husband?

As much as Nikki talks about her love life in her standups, all of it cannot be deemed accurate as she intends to relate with the audience rather than open up about herself. Because of this reason, most of the personal matters regarding Nikki's life is still in shadows. 

Nikki Glasser has talked about her love life in several standups, and most of it reveals she is single. For those fans wondering about Nikki's sexuality, she has also talked about in her standups, where she explained that she was a straight woman humorously. 

However, one of Nikki's Instagram post depicts Nikki's past relationship with a man named Pete Lee. In the caption, Nikki revealed that she was very much in love with Pete Lee sometime in the past, but then they split up; they are currently best friends. Nikki also told that she would be the best man at his wedding. So, it seems that they only share platonic love in the present. 

Nikki Glasser talks about her past love, Pete Lee on 31 May 2018 (Photo: Nikki Glasser's Instagram)

Previously, Nikki has also appeared on different shows like We Should Break Up with her ex-boyfriend comedian, Joe DeRos.

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She also appeared on the show Not Safe with Nikki Glaser with her former boyfriend, Chris Convy, co-executive producer and co-creator of the show

So, it can be said that she sorts out the issues and maintains a friendly relationship with her past lovers. 

As of now, it seems like Nikki is neither married nor dating anyone. She occasionally interviews the stars about their marital relationships; she even talked about her parent's sex life on the show one time. This revealed that she was not against marriage and relationships. 

With time, Nikki will probably fall in love and introduce her boyfriend, who could also be her potential husband, to her fans!