Ben Kissel Height, Wife, Family, Education

Ben Kissel is a tall man of 6 feet 7 inches (2.04 meters) height...a FOX News 37 years of age in the time being as per his bio...both of his elder brothers came out as gay...he wants to get married and have a of a German degree in Political Science...independent political views...

Ben Kissel Height, Wife, Family, Education

Quick Information

Ben Kissel originally began his media career as a political activist. He gained his education degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was very active in the 2004 elections.

His independent political views led him to become a political commentator on FOX News as well as HLN of the CNN network. 

Of course, the man has been well recognized as a FOX News commentator, but the path to his immense popularity has been driven by The Last Podcast on the Left, a famous true crime and paranormal podcast. 

The Last Podcast on the Left was one of the most downloaded comedy podcasts of 2017 in iTunes. It was in the Top 10 list of 2017 downloads and had over a million subscribers. 

Other than The Last Podcast on the Left, Ben is also recognized for Girls Are Roommates, Jokers Wild, as well the political podcast, Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat

His Height's Impact On Career

Apart from his career height as a comedian and a podcaster, Ben is also famous for his physical height. He is a tall man of 6 feet 7 inches (2.04 meters) height.

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Ben has often spoken on his height’s impact on his profession. He has admitted that as a stand-up comedian, he has had hard times dealing with his tall height, which is the reason he loves doing podcasts.

He feels glad about the fact that in the podcasts, people judge him for his ideas and not his physical appearances.

Ben Kissel Married To Wife Or Gay?

In his 2016 interview, Ben told that he and his brothers grew up in an extremely evangelical environment.

However, both of his brothers came out as gay at some point which somehow, made the family situations worst.

Further, Ben mentioned that it was his job to keep things on a civil level and head towards a positive direction. 

With the revelation of his brothers’ sexual orientation, Ben also confirmed that he was not gay.

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Further, in some of his Twitter jokes, Ben has mentioned the fact that he wants to get married and have a wife as well as children of their own.

Ben Kissel's 8 December 2015 tweet on wife and kids (Photo: Ben Kissel's Twitter)

Though just the part of a joke, some of Ben’s tweets have made his fans go crazy to know about his relationships; hopefully, the man soon reveals about his relationship status and partner to his curious fans.

Short Bio

Born on 21 July 1981, the famous comedian-cum-podcaster, Ben Kissel is 37 years of age in the time being. Ben is the youngest of three sons of his parents. 

Ben was born in the family of a German immigrant father and working-class mother. 

The political commentator's father worked as a truck driver for 25 years; thus, Ben’s family struggled hard for financial stability for a long time. 

In 2017, Ben also ran for Brooklyn Borough President, which he ended up losing.