Arnelle Simpson Wiki, Married, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Now

According to wiki sites, Arnelle's mother, Marguerite was married to OJ Simpson with the couple divorcing in 1979...As of now, she lives a low-key life in Fresno...does not have a husband to show...OJ Simpson, who owns a net worth of 3 million dollars...Arnelle is the eldest daughter in her family

Arnelle Simpson Wiki, Married, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Now

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Famous as the daughter of O.J Simpson, a renowned American footballer and former NFL running back, Arnelle Simpson got recognition after she defended her father in the court.

She has not only once, but twice vouched for her father and has worked with dedication for his release from prison. 

Arnelle has a fascinating biography as a famous daughter of America's biggest black heroes turned villain, O.J. Simpson.  Know more about Arnelle’s personal life, family, net worth and love life in fascinating sets of wikis about her. 

Arnelle Simpson’s Wiki-Like-Bio: Part Of A Family In Turmoil

Born on 4 December 1968 in the United States to parents OJ Simpson and Marguerite Whitley.  Arnelle is the eldest daughter in her family which also consisted of two siblings Jason L.Simpson and Aaren Simpson.

Sadly, her youngest sibling Aaren Simpson passed away in an accidental drowning when she was just two-years-old.

Arnelle Simpson with her brother Jason Simpson, father OJ Simpson and mother Marguerite Simpson (Photo:

According to wiki sites, Arnelle's mother, Marguerite was married to OJ Simpson with the couple divorcing in 1979.  O.J then married Nicole Brown in 1985. Arnelle's family also consists of two half-siblings to her stepmom a brother, Justin Simpson, and sister, Sydney Simpson.

O.J’s life was going pretty well until he was accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown and her friend in 1995.

Arnelle Simpson Vouches For Her Father In Murder Trial

When O.J Simpson was going through a trial for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldstone, Arnelle stood by her father’s side and testified for him. Defending her father at the age of 26, Arnelle said her father was “emotional,” distraught” and “out of control.”

In 2007, O.J published a book, If I Did It about his murder trial and Arnelle was credited as the brainchild of the idea of penning the book, after being acquited of the murder charges.

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After a year in 2008, Arnelle's father was charged with a Las Vegas robbery. She played a vital role in having a minimum sentence by reading a letter to defend him and advocated for his freedom. However, the court sentenced in favor of the state, and OJ was convicted of planning a heist and sentenced to 33 years in prison. 

Though Arnelle supported her dad in the court and tried to protect him, O.J made threats to his daughter after she let him down by wasting his NFL pension in 2012. OJ Simpson, who owns a net worth of 3 million dollars blamed Arnelle for abusing the pension on alcohol abuse instead of paying the mortgage for his Florida home.

Even after the situation, Arnelle testified again in 2013 regarding the robbery case in 2008. She told the jury that her father was a bit tipsy when he tried to pull off an armed heist. 

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Finally on 20 July 2017, O.J was granted parole after which he was released from prison on 1 October 2017 at the age of 70.

Where is Arnelle Simpson Now And Is She Married?

Arnelle's personal life suffered as she championed for her father. She was rumored to date the basketball player Shaquille O’Neal in September 1995.

But the news remained confined as America was gripped with the OJ's murder case.

Moreover, Arnelle was rumored to have dated the American rapper, Anthony Treach Crisis between 1996 and 1997. Apart from the two cases of rumored boyfriends, Arnelle's personal life has largely remained under the veils. 

As of now, she lives a low-key life in Fresno and is currently single and does not have a husband to show. She was again in the news in 2017 on the wake of OJ's parole acceptance.

However, once the parole furor dies, the Simpsons have chosen to maintain a lowkey life away from the prying eyes of media. 

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Despite having played a prominent role in her father's reduced sentencing and parole, the 50-year-old  prefers to stay behind the camera.