Andy Bassich Wife, Divorce, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Life Below Zero

Andy Bassich is known or his role in Life Below per bio, traveled since the age of 22... was married to his wife, Kate Rorke...accused to abusing his wife...parted ways with wife with a busy with his 11th season of the show...lives alone with his dogs…has a net worth that is estimated to be…

Andy Bassich Wife, Divorce, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Life Below Zero

Quick Information

Being an adventurous person leads to infinite experiences, both in good and bad prospect.

Well, only a few people have guts to risk their life taking critical steps. One of the celebrities, who have received massive fame for being adventurous is Andy Bassich, the star of the television series, Life Below Zero.

Andy Bassich’s Biography

Andy, age 54, was born in 1959 and was brought up in Wheaton, Maryland alongside his sister.

For education, he attended John F.Kennedy High School and graduated in 1976. After graduation, he traveled around the places, which rose his interest in visiting Alaska as well.

At the time, Andy used to work as a cabinet-maker and a carpenter in Virginia. Though he had a good job, nothing mattered more than his inner feeling to go Alaska, where Libby Casey spent more than a decade.

Interestingly, Andy had a supportive grandmother since his early age. His grandma encouraged him to go to Alaska after which, Andy finally started living his dreams in Alaska since 1980.

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Moving to Alaska was perhaps the best decision Andy took in his life as he not only fulfilled his dream but also earned love and respect because of his show, Life Below Zero.

As he has been starring in the show for a very long time, he might have amassed a wealthy net worth. Plus, he earns an average salary of 62k dollars as a reality star of National Geographic channel.

Andy's Wife-Divorce Or Still Married?

Andy was married to his wife, Kate Rorke.

The pair first met in Dawson city when Kate was visiting places, and Andy was workings as a riverboat captain on the Yukon River. They eventually started dating in 2003 and tied the wedding knots with the sway of time. 

The couple lived together in Alaska along with their 24 sled dogs.

Andy Bassich attends an event of National Geographic Channel with wife, Kate Rorke on 8 July 2014 (Photo:

Andy was relishing his married life with the wife until he was accused of abusing Kate physically and mentally. After a decade of togetherness, the couple decided to part their ways with a divorce and eventually separated in 2015.

After the situation, fans of the show, Life Below Zero were distraught with Andy, and since then the pair was not seen in the show.

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However, Andy returned as a member of the show in May 2016.

As of now, Andy is busy with his new 11th season of the show that was premiered in February 2018. He is living alone with his dogs in Alsaka. 

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Kate is relishing her life with her family members in Newfoundland, Canada. As she has not made her appearance in the show after the divorce, she possibly is living her better behind the camera.