Amity Addrisi Married, Husband, Family, Salary

Amity Addrisi is an Emmy-award winning journalist...affiliated to KING 5...committed to 11 years of blissful married reveals her age...together with husband, has chosen a beautiful place to extend the family root...nationality...prefers to buy a bunch of new books on her birthday...stands to a height of...KING 5 salary...formal education...

Amity Addrisi Married, Husband, Family, Salary

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth September 2nd
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Journalist
  • Marital Status Married
  • Husband/Spouse Chris Boicelli
  • Ethnicity N/A
  • Net Worth N/A
  • Children/Kids Lucia Boicelli (Daughter) & Leo Boicelli (Son)
  • Height N/A
  • Education University of California

Amity Addrisi is an Emmy-award winning journalist with over a decade of experience of unearthing injustice through her astounding reporting skills.

In the process, she has gone up close and personal with a great many California wildfires and covered stories from various interests that magically captivated the nation; the best one thus far would be the Jaycee Lee Dugard case. 

Currently, Amity Addrisi is proud of her professional affiliation to the KING 5 media group.

She joined the team back in June 2015 and ever since, she has been quite handy in maintaining top-rated morning in Seattle. 

Amity Addrisi Married Life With Husband

Amity is committed to 11 years of a blissful married life. Together, with her husband, Chris Boicelli, Amity has chosen the Pacific Northwest as a place to extend their family roots.

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They raise their two beautiful kids in the area whose people and surrounding beauty enticed them long ago. 

Amity Addrisi with her beautiful family as they enjoy their time together on 13 June 2017 (Amity Addrisi's Facebook)

More to their children remain in the shade as of yet. However, the fact that the babies have entirely inherited the good-looking genes of their parents is undeniable. Lucia (born on 2 April 2013) is the eldest sibling to her younger brother, Leo.

Her Education & Salary

Unlike her equals in the broadcasting media, Amity did not go for Communications or Broadcasting as part of her formal education. Instead, she fell in for Journalism during an internship at LA-located KNBC.

Meanwhile, she graduated with a B.S. in English Literature at Los Angeles from the University of California, where she also got herself into Geology.

Up until now, Amity has had seen good days to her career and sure enough is expected to have even better career-days ahead.

Her accomplishments are not something that remains off the radar. She is though yet to talk about her finances and the attractive salary that land into her KING 5 personal account. 

Amity Addrisi Family Details 

Amity, instead of partying all night and having a grant celebration, prefers to buy a bunch of new books on her birthday. Or so she did on her 38th on 2nd September 2017. 

An American by nationality, Amity, had a tough time when she saw to her mother’s final days at some point in her life.

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Although she is past the mourning phase, at times, Amity misses her to the extent that makes it harder for her to breath. However, she has loved ones by her side to soothe her in those tough moments. 

Amity Addrisi, with her mother, as she walks down the aisle, on the day of her wedding shared as a memory on 11 May 2014 (Photo: Amity Addrisi's Facebook)

Amity sure received her mother’s angelic beauty. And, at the age of 39, she is so much concerned about her fitness. 

Standing to some unrevealed height, the TV-anchor shared the story of her post-babies weight loss; six years of dedications, and she finally got into her pretty little orange dress that sat mockingly in her closet for years.