Alison Hammond Married, Husband, Son, Weight Loss, Net Worth

Alison Hammond married life never went well…After splitting with both boyfriend and husband, she raised her son all by herself… It is challenging to keep a balance between her showbiz life and parental responsibilities…Despite the struggle, she balances her life and basks on healthy net worth-she hilariously married Dwayne Johnson in The Morning Show...

Alison Hammond Married, Husband, Son, Weight Loss, Net Worth

Quick Information

British TV personality Alison Hammond bagged a notable recognition appearing on the third season of British TV reality show Big Brother in 2002. Since her short stint on the show, Alison is busy presenting The Morning Show on ITV network.

In the middle of acting and reporting career, Alison faced major heartbreaking moments that affected her off-screen life. After failing to keep up with marriage, she has been courageous to stay single and take care of her son as a single parent.

Married Online Partner, Single Mom After Heartbreaking Split

Alison Hammond is living a divorcee life after the split with her online-boyfriend, Jamie Savage, a security guard.

Alison and Jamie first met online in 2014. After getting attracted to one another, the pair converged their relationship into the vows of marriage. However, they couldn’t keep peace with one another for long as the wedding was off in January 2017.

Alison Hammond spends the holiday with husband Jamie and son Aiden on in April 2015 (Photo:

Before the relationship with her ex-husband, Alison was in love with her partner, Nourddine Boufaied, a cabbie from Manchester. Nourddine is the father of her son, Aiden, who is 12-years-old.

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After failing to keep her relationship twice, Hammond is taking care of her son as a single parent. However, she is struggling a bit to juggle between her showbiz life and personal life with the added responsibility.

Hammond halted her reality show career due to the responsibility to look after her only child. Speaking to Mirror TV in 2018, Alison opened about why she would not feature in any more reality shows. Her actual words were,

"I have a 12-year-old son at school, and he's at a very impressionable age. For his sake, I don't think it's fair for me to go on Big Brother, because I'd probably trip myself up now. I'm older and wiser now, I was 27 when I went in there and don't take no flack no more.I know he wouldn't want me to do it.”

With her statement, Alison highlighted the fact that she felt to concentrate more on her parenting duties rather than the showbiz stints. It is courageous how Alison is keeping a balance between her professional life and personal life. She has undoubtedly been a caring mother to her child as she spends quality time with him. 

Hilariously Marries Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!

ITV’s The Morning Show host Alison Hammond took the internet by surprise after her spoof wedding with the Jumanji star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in December 2017.

During her interview with the movie star on The Morning Show, Alison announced that she had a surprise for Dwayne as she appeared in the white dress and veil. Dwayne’s Jumanji co-star Kevin Hart was present to complete the wedding ceremony.

Having done the marriage ceremony, Alison posed for the snaps with her new on-screen husband. Overall, it was a fun ride for the show’s audiences.

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Besides, while she was interviewing Tom Cruise, she pulled out a newspaper out of her bra in front of him and made it a hilarious moment. With her funny moment, she is always ready to make everyone happy and smiley.

Alison Hammond’s Bio

Allison Hammond was born on 5 February 1975, in Birmingham, England, to a Nevisian father and a Guyanese mother. She holds a beautiful bond with her parents and timely uploads pictures of them in her social media accounts.

On 19 July 2018 Allison Instagrammed a picture of her mother and revealed that her mom is 70 years old. She also shared her affection and wrote that she loves her mom very much.

She has always been idolized Oprah whom she calls as her hero. When she didn't get a chance to interview her, she cried. Then she got an opportunity to talk Reese Witherspoon but she kind of wanted Oprah on her own. 

That was not only her fall even during the ski segment she felt dramatically on the slopes. Before the stunt she tweeted in her Twitter account adding the caption; "Tune into @thismorning where I will be live with my ski instructor in Val d'Isere, hope you can join." However, her excitement was turned down after her dramatic tumble which stunned the presenters. 

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Besides focusing on her TV career, Alison also shows her concern when it comes to her physical appearance. Back in summer 2016, she weighed more than 20 stone (280 pounds), which had a massive impact on her show business.

So, she quit sugar for a year and became able to experience some weight loss in 2017.

Keeping the pace with the TV career, Alison undoubtedly summons compelling earnings. Despite being concealed, it can be assumed that Hammond’s net worth crosses a couple of million dollars.

Starring In Hotel Transylvania 3?

Well, making fun and joking about things is no deal for Allison. She is hilariously funny and mostly keeps joking about things.

In May 2018, while reporting to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby for ITV studio from the Cannes Film Festival, Allison revealed that she was chosen in one of the Hollywood movies.

Allison stated that she was cast as a member of the popular animated movie Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation. She elaborated that her character in the film will have a sexy body with red hair and will be the love interest of Adam Sandler’s character. Moreover, Allison even stated that the director of the movie gave her a personal message providing tips to do a voice role.

Though Allison stated to be the part of the movie, it appears as she joked at the time as her name is not mentioned in the Hotel Transylvania 3 cast members.