Alexis Zotos Age, Wedding, Husband

Alexis Zotos shares how she met her husband Matthew Drobak.

Alexis Zotos Age, Wedding, Husband

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The KMOV reporter Alexis Zotos shares her beautiful story of how she met her husband, Matthew Drobak. The couple grew up in the same city and went to the same high school, but it wasn’t until a dating app, Tinder, that eventually brought the two together, and they tied the knot in August 2019. 

Destined To Be Together

Out of several successful matches born out of Tinder, Zotos and Matthew also happen to be among them. But the two already shared a connection in some ways before Tinder. 

Growing up in the same city, University City, Philadelphia, and only a few blocks apart, they had crossed each other paths several times. Even when they went to the same high school, Laude High School, they never got a chance to notice one another. 

But, fate had its way to bring them together. On a casual day of 2015, when Zotos was waiting for her friend at a bar, Earthbound Brewery, located in Cherokee Street, she passed the waiting time chatting with a ‘cute bartender,’ and the ‘cute bartender’ was no other than Matthew. 

At the time, they didn’t realize they had crossed paths in the past and began talking about urban spelunking. However, the brief conversation ended after Zotos’ friend arrived, and the two went their ways. 

It was on December 2019 when the pair met each other again. Straight on Tinder, they set up their date in the Central West End. Only a few minutes later into the date, they realized they had met before multiple times. Zotos was surprised to know Matthew was actually a project manager at the company Clayco and not a bartender. And that he was only helping his friend in the bar that day.

Since their first date, Zotos realized something special about their bond and continued dating for three years until they decided to get married in 2019.

A swipe right on Tinder brought her the right partner to spend her life with, and so, she credits the app for such an adventure.  

Alexis Zotos

Alexis Zotos and Matthew Drobak. (Source: Instagram)

Alexis Zotos Weds Matthew Drobak

After sharing three amazing years into their love life, the couple couldn’t wait any longer to upgrade into husband and wife. Matthew made his move to surprise Zotos with an engagement ring. Deciding to turn things official, he had planned a secret proposal plan during their date in Forest park at the Jewel Box.

But, an unexpected rain ruined his plan. Later, in the evening, they went to the Four Seasons as they had planned, and it was there when he popped up the ring and asked the question. Zotos described the situation as,

We were about to go to the hotel spa when Matt took out the ring and asked me to marry him in the room. I hadn’t expected to be surprised when he proposed, but I was caught completely off guard! That made the moment even more special.  

On February 15, 2019, she took to Instagram to share her wedding preparation. As planned, her wedding was held in August 2019 in Forest Park, officiated by their friend, and the reception venue was Wild Carrot on Shaw Boulevard. 

Moreover, the newlyweds celebrated their honeymoon in Bali and later bought a house in the Shaw neighborhood, St. Louis, where they reside.

And for good news, Zotos, aged thirty-three, is expecting a baby. As per her Instagram post of June 1, where she posted adorable pictures with her husband showing her baby bump, she wrote,

Less than 3 weeks till our due date... Matt and I are both planner kind of people, and for both of us, the unknown is the stressful part of these upcoming weeks! Will he come this weekend, will he wait for his due date?

However, the baby hasn’t arrived yet.  The couple is waiting passionately to welcome their newborn and venture into the adventurous ride of parenthood. 

Alexis Zotos

Alexis Zotos and her husband soon to be parents. (Source: Instagram)