Sonja McLaughlan Bio, Age, Husband, Family

By Arun Katuwal | On: 20 Aug, 2019
Sonja McLaughlan Bio, Age, Husband, Family

Sonja McLaughlan is a sports news reporter for BBC who started her career as a trainee intern in 1988. 

She became the first women to produce BBC Radio's rugby union coverage in 1995 and participated herself in almost every international sporting event including Olympics and the World Championships to report in the best way possible. 

Therefore, her work experience makes her one of the most renowned and respected reporters in the sports arena. 

As of now, Sonja is an established freelancer and presenter of rugby and athletics for CNN's 5 Live.

Although her net worth has not come out in public, Sonja undoubtedly earns more than the average salary of BBC Broadcast Journalist that ranges from £37K.

Sonja's Accident In 2019

It was on 29th June 2019 when Sonja had an unfortunate accident at home as she fell off the stairs landing on the concrete injuring her back.

Initially, after her fall, she was not able to move due to pain and shouted for help crawling around her home.

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Fortunately, her neighbors, David and Sarah, heard her voice and came for help taking her to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Sonja McLaughlan informs about her accident through her Twitter on July 29, 2019. (Photo: Sonja McLaughlan's Twitter) 

Later, she updated about her health on Twitter and wrote, "Not how I expected my Tuesday evening to end. I was very lucky it wasn’t a lot worse." 

With good love and wishes from her well-wishers, Sonja is expected to recover fully fit in quick time. 

Sonja McLaughlan Bio: Age, Family

Sonja McLaughlan is a quiet and gentlewoman who has kept her life, including her education and age undisclosed to other people. 

Although her age remains secret, she celebrates her birthday on the 9th of September every year with her close ones. 

Speaking about her family, her grandparents owned the "Palace Hotel" in Aberfeldy, Scotland around late 1950s. However, she was raised by her parents, who belong to the mixed nationality of Scottish and Britain along with her sister in the East Molesey, United Kingdom. 

Sonja's father was a chief engineer on Concorde’s maiden flight who passed away in 2000 leaving behind his wife and daughter. 

While not much is known about her 78-year-old mother, Sonja did reveal that her mother named her after the famous ice skater, Sonja Henie. 

Married To Husband?

BBC rugby journalist Sonja McLaughlan is known to deliver every sporting news and events to her audience. She is considered one of the best sports journalists to ever work in BBC for such a long period. 

But unlike her quick news delivering skills, she has maintained her personal life under shades. 

Very little is known about Sonja McLaughlan's personal life as she has never spoken about any of her boyfriend nor her married details to the public's knowledge.

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However, she shared that she loved the place "Kensington Roof Gardens" and discussed with her "engaged" boyfriend that the spot would be a nice spot for their marriage. 

Sonja McLaughlan discusses her boyfriend and dream marriage spot with Alex Lowe, Deputy Rugby Correspondent on 11 September 2012. (Photo: Sonja McLaughlan's Twitter)

After revealing some hinted details about her relationship back in 2012, she has not spoken about her current relationship status. 

Nevertheless, her fans and admirers are hopeful to hear proper news about her love life in near time.