Ken Zampese Married, Net Worth. Bio

Ken Zampese, age 52, is a star football coach who started out on his coaching career from the University of San Diego...wife's battling with cancer...married over twenty years...exact figures laying on his net unwraps his height and the recent time (2019) he got hired by...about parenting children...son walking onto his footsteps...

Ken Zampese Married, Net Worth. Bio

Ken Zampese, age 52, is a star football coach who started out on his coaching career from the University of San Diego. It was his father, Ernie Zampese- former American football player and coach’s footsteps that he walked upon before he made a place for himself in the sports world.

Early in 1998, Ken began serving in the NFL as an offensive assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles. Then followed Green Bay Packers and a few more, before the Cincinnati Bengals hired him in 2003 as the quarterbacks' coach.

His career went through a bad time in 2017, and he had to let go of his career at the Bengals he served for so long. The decision was made after the team scored embarrassing points and the overall performances being poorer comparatively to the pasts.

However, he moved on from one bad experience to prove himself further.

Meanwhile, in recent time (2019), Ken, standing to some undisclosed number of height and weight, shows his affiliation to the Atlanta Legends in the position where he gets to direct the offense.

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All his career, there might have been desperate times as well, when things did not work out as planned. But then there was always a generous sum eventually landing on his net worth, the exact figures to which remains under the wraps.

Ken Zampese’s Wife Battling Cancer

Ken’s wife Christine Zampese, of over twenty years, has inexplicably contributed to Ken’s life. Be it on the personal grounds or professional one, at the end of the day she is the one keeping him in the track.

Over the course of their marriage, the pair has survived several highs and lows together. Back in  October 2015, a misfortune hit the family so bad that for a while, all they felt was pure despair.

Ken's wife Christine, the lady of the house, was diagnosed with breast cancer. But then, with much consideration, and everyone’s blessing, she was determined to fight the disease. The real battle began in April of 2015, and a month later, she faced a severe challenge.

With the month May came the horrible medical condition. Her lungs started to collapse, and she went through prolonged chemo and surgery. Through all this, her hubby stood by her side, cheering on her and never letting her lose hope.

Married Life

On the 15th of October 2015, Christine shared her amazing batteling story on the local news network, 9 On Your Side. Her-“I think Cancer picked the wrong girl” vibes sure became huge among other cancer patients.

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Last reported she stepped ahead to her win over cancer. However, the rest stays a mystery for now.

With them, Ken and Christine have two grown-up kids to celebrate for thier years of togetherness.

Seemingly, the pair did a fantastic job parenting their daughter, Marina Zampese and son, Anthony Zampese. The family of four currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ken Zampese with his wife Christine Zampese, son Anthony Zampese and daughter Mariana Zampese on 6 May 2011 (Photo: Ken Zampese's Facebook)

From what it looks like, Anthony, like his father, is into sports. Someday he might just make a big deal out of his love for sports. Only time will tell!