Jamie Dantzscher Married, Family, Net Worth, Now

Jamie Dantzscher is a retired American gymnast...yet to get married...by her husband's side...the only time her boyfriends have been mentioned is...bio reveals her age as of now...height and weight...what made of the accusation as of 2019...family with seven children...with a net worth of...a brief summary to her professional career...the first gymnast in...

Jamie Dantzscher Married, Family, Net Worth, Now

Jamie Dantzscher is a retired American gymnast, who shared a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney together with the American team.

Before that, the star athlete had received six gold medals for her incredible winnings at the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships.

To begin with, Jamie represented the United States national gymnastics team for eight long years ever since her first professional-joining in 1994.

A few years of training and she was all set for the win.

It was her first-ever international championship, and she brought home not one, but two big golds, during the City of Popes competition in 1996, opening the doors to more significant opportunities. 

Jamie Dantzscher's Career As A Gymnast

After the Olympics happened in 2000, Jamie got into the UCLA Bruins gymnastics team. While in there, she became the first gymnast in NCAA's tale to score a perfect ten on her collegiate routine. 

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As her playing career came to a halt, Jamie went on to pursue professional coaching. So far, she surpassed an astounding journey.

However, the path in-between was not all easy. She lived her shares of hardships amidst amassing a whopping amount of chunks to her net worth, the estimated number to which remains unidentified for now. 

On 29th March 2017, some of what she went through during her athlete life, became apparent.

Jamie and her several contemporaries testified against the sustained sexual abuse commited by the USA Gymnastics' national team doctor, Larry Nassar. However, what was made of the accusation as of 2019, is yet to come out. 

Married To Husband / Boyfriend?

Going through Jamie's life stories, the only time her boyfriends have been mentioned is during the time she filed a lawsuit against Larry in September 2016. Jamie must have been prepared for the possible backfires, as she took the bold step. 

She explained in her court documents, how the USA Gymnastics attorneys' tagging along with her former boyfriends had not been fair. 

An excerpt from the court documents regarding the Larry Nassar sexual assault case that was filed by Jamie Dantzscher in September 2016 (Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

Most importantly, she claimed that what her family and she herself had to go through had been inhumane. 

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Talking about her family life, Jamie was born in a family with seven children, names of all starting with the letter J. Her twin younger sisters, Janelle and Jalynne, like her, played on the UCLA gymnastics team.

Moreover, Jalynne is married to a star baseballer, Brandon Crawford. Together, the family sure could form their own sports team. 

Meanwhile, Jamie, now, age 37, is yet to walk down the aisle, a to-be husband by her side. The gorgeous, in the height of 5 feet and 1 inch (1.55 meters) and seemingly fitness-strived weight, would surely look alluring in her bridal gown.