Ben Lyons Age, Married, Wife, Gay, Bio, Height, Salary

As per Ben Lyons's bio, he was born in...celebrates his birthday on every...started a production company on his own at the age of now, he is working as a sports commentator in ESPN...stands at a height of 6 feet...he is married to his wife named... which excludes him from being a gay...loves his family...has no children yet...

Ben Lyons Age, Married, Wife, Gay, Bio, Height, Salary

Quick Information

Starting a production company on your own is not a job of any Tom, Dick, And Harry. It requires strong determination and courage to begin a startup, and even more effort when you are at the mere age of 21. But, the film critic-turned-ESPN host, Ben Lyons proved the world that he was not an ordinary person by setting up a company on his own. Ben Lyons opened a production company in the year of 2002 through which he funded Hip-Hop Nation, a radio station.

This courageous and feisty man was born on 8 October 1981 in New York City, United States. He never misses remembering his parents while making every critical decision in his life and during special occasions.

On 12 May 2019, he posted his childhood picture with his beautiful mother wishing her Mother's Day. In the caption, he wrote his gratitude and love for his mother. His post also shows his closeness with his mother and every other member of his family.

Having spent most of his childhood with his family in his birth town, he acquired all his formal education from New York.

Is Ben Lyons Gay?

Like most of the popular celebrities, Ben has also been the subject of being gay since he used to live a low-key life. And his tweet in his social handle regarding his support for gay people triggered the people's speculation of him being gay.

"I can't stand watching these politicians debate the tired issue of gay marriage. Get over it. Let people be happy."

However, later a great revelation about his personal life utterly smashed the people's speculation of him being gay. Something came out of the dark and put everyone in awe.

Ben Lyons Wife, Married Life

How much busy Ben could get with his production and movie-reviews stuff, at the end of the day, it is the love and compassion that matters. Similarly, Ben has also someone who gives him unfathomable love and compassion in the direst of the times.

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Well, Ben is a married man; he is married to his girlfriend, Mariah K. Lyons. By profession, Mariah is a founder of the enterprise named ASTARA, a footwear brand. Mariah was inspired to create ASTARA with the notion--in her words--that:

"With each step forward on the conscious individual’s journey, we are not only grounding in beauty along our own path but creating a global grid of individuals working towards a shared existence in community with one another and nature."

The couple first met each other in a little town in France in the year 2014. Other than that, the story of their first meeting is still a mystery to their fans. The couple, after dating for a couple of years, got engaged on 28 August 2016 via a beautiful ceremony.

Ben Lyons celebrates two years of married life with his wife, Mariah K. Lyons on 28 August 2018 (Photo: Ben Lyons's Instagram)

The duo can be often seen, in the photos, dozed into their beautiful married from a hitherto unseen angle. Marking their second marriage anniversary, the couple flaunted a wishing note in their Instagram handle to each other.

However, having spent two years of their married life, the couple doesn't have any children yet. Probably, the couple is not on the side of making any rough and haphazard decisions when the subject is about their married life.

Ben Lyons Bio Plus Salary

Following the production of his own company, Ben was hired by the MTV Channel for co-hosting the show named Your Movie Show. Enthralled by the dedication and talent of Ben, he was, again, assigned as a host of the entertainment show The Daily 10.

Later, Ben began to feature as a popular TV series reviewer of, At The Movie. However, he could not continue his job as he was fired considering to have lack of knowledge in the movies. Moreover, he was criticized widely for his poor reviews. 

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But, the firing did not stop Ben from reviewing the movie as he started doing the job through his own website. Additionally, he began to work on a sports channel, ESPN as a sports commentator.

Recently, he worked with the director of Unbanned The Legend, Dexton Deboree. On his Twitter account on 9 May 2019, he promoted his work. 

Ben also started working with the NBA, while he posted on his Instagram showing his work while interviewing with American basketball player Chris Paul. 

Since the beginning of his career, he has never looked back and has always worked hard to achieve higher success. Despite being a successful man in his life, he is very down-to-earth and thinks of everyone's right and happiness. 

Though, Ben has suffered some setback in his life, his moments of glory utterly seem to outweigh those setbacks. With such an outshining career, it is of no doubt that Ben has staggered a massive sum of net worth. As tall as his body height is ( 6 feet 3 inches), so is his career.

Although Ben's net worth is still under review, the salary he makes being a sports commentator and entertainment reporter is all out in the town. Ben earns approximately $55 thousand to $41 thousand annually as a sports commentator and entertainment reporter respectively.