Abby Wambach Wife, Gay, Kids, Family

Abby Wambach candidly and ecstatically ran toward the stands to kiss her then-wife fresh off her world cup win...about getting married for the second time...openly gay and openly in love..." bonus mom" to three beautiful details...boasts a net worth sum divulges her age, height....and how she completed her education...

Abby Wambach Wife, Gay, Kids, Family

Openly gay and openly in love, Abby Wambach has always been very fearless enough to deserves one more score!

The professional soccer player on the U.S. women's national soccer team who announced her retirement as of the 27th of October 2015, has always been the center of media and public attraction.

Be it when she scores the best while on the soccer ground or when she confesses her feeling for the beloved ones in her life, Abby never lets anyone down.

For instance, the time when she candidly and ecstatically ran toward the stands to kiss her then-wife, Sarah Huffman, fresh off her world cup win in 2015, is an unforgettable one!

Abby would've never guessed that her high-profile triumph kiss would become the talk of the town for years ahead.

Abby Wambach Married To Gay Wife, Kids

Abby is happy and in love with her life, being a “bonus mom.” Abby married Glennon Doyle, the author of Love Warrior and creator of the popular online community, Momastery, in the year 2017.

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And, now she gets to call herself the mother of Glennon’s three kids- Chase, Tish, and Amma — from Glennon’s previous marriage to her ex-husband, Craig Melton.

Abby gushed during an interview about how supportive Craig has been about her getting married to Glennon.

Craig, when he told his kids that he loved Abby, he permitted them to love Abby as their new parent, while Abby gushed about their “blended family.”

From what it looks like, she undoubtedly enjoys being the “instant-mom” to three beautiful kids.

Abby Wambach with her wife Glennon Doyle and three beautiful kids- Chase, Tish, and Amma on 21 March 2018 (Photo: Abby Wambach's Instagram)

Meanwhile, before her marriage to Glennon, Abby was pledged to his wife, Sarah Huffman.

She married her long-haul girlfriend, Sarah, on the 5th of October 2013, and a few years later, in September 2016, Abby announced her divorce to Sarah in her autobiography. 

Although, the reason why the romance between them fizzled out never made it to the news.

But then, Abby opened about the bad times that followed afterward- that being her drug and alcohol use.

Luckily, she moved on from the darkest days of her life eventually.

Her Age, Family

Born in Rochester, New York City, and raised in the suburb of Pittsford, Abby, age 39, is the youngest one in her family.

She grew alongside her seven siblings, two sisters and four brothers.

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By the time she was four, soccer was already introduced to her. Soccer was a way of life in the family, and almost everyone loved it in some way or the other.

Standing to a tall height of 5 feet and 11 inches (1.8 meters) in her aww-deserving athletic built, Abby no doubt was born to own a career in sports, which today polishes her with a net worth of $4 million.

The top-rated high school player with her incredible records eventually got called after by top universities of the country.

And, after much consideration, she finally accepted a full athletic scholarship from the University of Florida.

However, what she chose as her major as part of her formal education is not yet revealed.