Trill Sammy Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki, Mom, Ethnicity

Trill Sammy's mom did not believe in his singing talents first...made his mom proud with clarifies that his ethnicity is the age of 20, already has a net worth of... had his first break from the joint track Just Watch...started creating his beats during his high school days...mentioned his girlfriend in...

Trill Sammy Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki, Mom, Ethnicity

Quick Information

If you’re a hip-hop lover, then you must be well-known about the rapper Trill Sammy, who is an independent artist famous for the song Netflix and Chill.

Well, Trill is a self-taught artist, who started creating his beats during his high school days. His beats later spread via Twitter and eventually ended up earning thousands of fans online.

In 2015, Trill had his first break from the joint track Just Watch that he made with rapper Dice Soho, the head of local Ice Gang Crew. After a year, the rapper released a song called “Checkout.” 

His debut EP, Red Album also was released in 2016. The EP featured some of the famous rappers including the Soulja Boy on the track Trappin, Uber Everywhereand Martin.

The track, “Trappin” elevated Trill's fame and success as a rapper as the music was streamed more than 5.1 million times on Soundcloud according to in 2017. In 2018, Trill released his new single "Do Not Disturb" which has received 3.5 million views on Youtube.

With some songs dedicated to his hometown Houston, Trill has won the heart of many. As per the wiki, his back-to-back hit singles and featured tracks has amassed him a net worth of 300K dollars.

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Trill Sammy’s Bio

Trill Sammy, age 20, was born on 30 November 1997 in Texas with the birth sign Sagittarius. He belonged to African ethnicity and was raised in Houston. He is very close to his mom, but she did not believe in his success until he proved his mom and made her proud via his songs.

Nevertheless, Trill has a deep attachment to his mom. His care for her also can be seen in his tweets that he posts sometimes. For instance, on 15 August 2015, Trill tweeted about his mom wishing he could spoil his mom like "she needs to be."

His tweet hints that he wants to gift his mother every happiness and luxury that she deserves. 

Who Is Trill Sammy’s Girlfriend?

Speaking of Trill’s love-life, his relationship status was quite confusing as the 21-year-old rapper had many female friends.

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On 22 October 2015, the confusion regarding Trill's love life ended as he mentioned a reality star named Shannon Jessie as his girlfriend on Twitter.

Trill Sammy mentions Shannon Jessie as girlfriend on Twitter on 22 October 2015. (Photo: Trill Sammy's Twitter)

Afterward, there was an infinite number of Trill's tweets regarding Shannon. His posts made it clear that he was in a relationship. However, he kept the glimpses of his dating life under the wraps. 

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After some time the duo ended their relationship. But like his dating, Trill kept his break up also low-key. Nevertheless, Trill's secret sweetheart Shannon opened up about their breakup via a live Instagram story in August 2017.

Shannon stated that she found inappropriate content while going through the Trill's phone, which made her leave Trill's side. Though Shannon did not clarify what she found, her video hinted that Trill might have cheated on her. 

Well, Shannon gave her part of perspective, but Trill has never spoken about the issue. Moreover, he has not opened up his current relationship status nor deleted the old tweets regarding Shannon.

Trill is indeed a pro in keeping his love life totally in a suspense.