Mike Naran Wiki, Age, Wife, Girlfriend

Mike Naran celebrates his birthday on 5 January as per wiki...bio reveals his age...she becomes his wife...suggests that he has a girlfriend...his dating status...American nationality...amount of property and net worth of...popularity rose to heights...a career in music...birthday on 5 January...about his siblings...thankful to his parents for...

Mike Naran Wiki, Age, Wife, Girlfriend

Sometimes, success might seem far away despite all the hard works you do. But if you admire every moment with your passion, there is no way success doesn’t stop to stroke you. Instead, it is the success that comes to you with a lot of passion and not the you who craves for its achievement.

Rightly said as “Morning shows the day,” the famous guitarist and vocalist, Mike Naran was passionate about music ever since his childhood. The singer was only ten years of age when he made up his mind to pursue a career in music. Even at this early age, he played percussions for his school musical band.

Mike struggled very hard to get that one share of recognition in the field of music. And all his dedication paid off after the famous band, Panic signed him! At The Disco, as a guitarist. Mike’s popularity rose to heights after he replaced the former guitarist, Kenneth Harris, and entered the band as a lead guitarist in 2018.

Apart from being the lead guitarist for the Panic! At The Disco, Mike also works on his own solo project. He has his solo band named CryBabyCry and works as an overall musician for the band.

As a successful guitarist, Mike’s average salary is supposedly around $81K. Further, from all the works he has done and has been doing, Mike must have already garnered an incredible amount of property and net worth.

Mike Naran Wiki / Bio, Parents

Born in 1988, the famous pop singer, Mike Naran, is 31 years of age as of now. The Shelton, Connecticut native celebrates his birthday on 5 January every year. Born and raised in the USA, Mike is an American by nationality.

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Mike refers to his parents as his biggest inspirations in the field of music. He has always been very thankful to his parents for encouraging him to pursue a musical career.

Talking about his siblings, Mike is the younger one among two children of his parents. He has a sibling sister who is elder to him.

Besides all the other members, Mike’s present family also consists of a pit bull mix dog.

Mike Naran poses with his new pet dog, Simon on 13 April 2019 (Photo: Mike Naran's Instagram)

Mike always wanted a dog and finally ended up getting a 4-year-old for himself in April 2019. 

Mike Naran Wife, Girlfriend

Mike has never opened up clearly to his fans and followers about his possible girlfriend. However, he has time and again mentioned the word, "girlfriend" in his tweets, which apparently confirms the fact that he is dating a girlfriend.

In August 2013, Mike mentioned in his tweet that, his girlfriend was in Vegas while he was in Oklahoma City. Again, in December 2017, Mike posted a Tweet saying that he was to see his girlfriend on the day and was completely stoked.

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Mike’s last Tweet where he mentioned his girlfriend was on 14 March 2018 when he replied to a tweet saying that it was his girlfriend’s cat. 

Mike Naran mentions girlfriend in his tweet on 14 March 2018 (Photo: Mike Naran's Twitter)

Hence, although Mike has himself not revealed whether or not is he dating someone, his Twitter posts suggest that he has a girlfriend.

Not surprisingly, Mike has also not revealed the name of the lady he has been dating all these years. Hopefully, Mike’s silence on his relationship with her ends after she becomes his wife.