A Look Into Sheila Patel's Family Life Along With Her Successful Career

Inside Sheila Patel's Flourishing Career And Personal Life

A Look Into Sheila Patel's Family Life Along With Her Successful Career

Sheila Patel, the vice-chairman of B Capital Group, has constantly made headlines for her astonishing accomplishments in the business world. 

Through her aspiring journey to a successful career, Patel has raised the bar high and set an example to young girls and women who desire to aim for the stars.

Besides, the vice-chairman is an exemplary family person who cherishes a decades-long marriage while managing to hustle for a successful career. 

Sheila Patel’s Married Life

Patel tied the knot with Steven Carroll Benfield in 1997, and the couple has been together ever since. 

Their wedding, officiated by Rev. Dr. Douglas L. Trees, was held in Manhattan at the Burden Mansion. From their decades-long marriage, Patel and her husband have a son, Nate Benfield.

Though it’s hard to get a glimpse of the couple’s personal life because of their absence on social media, they are sometimes spotted together in public events. 

For instance, Patel and her husband were once seen together attaining a private dinner party at Jean-Georges at The Connaught organized by Moynat, a bags, and accessories design brand, during its launch at Selfridges

Who Is Sheila’s Husband Steven?

Steven Carrol Benfield serves at Prudential Securities in Manhattan as a managing director. The Samford University graduate received his master’s education in history from New York University. 

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His father is a retired pastor and currently a minister at Grace Baptise Church, while his mother served at Eastanollee Elementary School as a teacher’s assistant. 

Moreover, his marriage with Patel is a second marriage as his first one ended in divorce.  

A Short Bio

As for Patel’s childhood, she grew up in Staten Island, where her parents resided, before moving to Southold. 

Her father, Dr. Harilal Patel, is a doctor, while her mother, Anne Patel, was an office manager at Harilal’s office. But unfortunately, Anne passed away on September 16, 2012, at the age of 68.   

Belonging to an academically well-rounded family, Patel prioritized her education and went to Princeton University and Columbia Business School for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Accomplishing her education from prestigious universities, she began her professional journey in 1996. 

What Is Sheila Patel’s Net Worth?

Patel, who is now known for her associations with billion-dollar companies, started her career as a head of derivatives strategy at Morgan Stanley. 

After over six years of service at the globally leading financial firm, Patel joined a multi-billion dollar investment banking company, Goldman Sachs, in 2003. 

Sheila Patel during an interview with Bloomberg

Sheila Patel during an interview with Bloomberg (Source- Bloomberg

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Recently Patel appeared on several headlines for ending her 18 years tenure at Goldman Sachs and joining another of the leading investment firms, B Capital Group, as a vice-chairman in July 2021.  

Having gathered several recognitions and awards for her brilliance at Goldman Sachs, she is embarking on another successful tenure at the B Capital.

Although Patel has never revealed her net worth publicly, given the level of success in her career, she has certainly garnered a hefty amount of wealth.