Are Mikal & Miles Bridges Brothers? Everything About Miles Bridges

Are Mikal & Miles Bridges Brothers? Everything About Miles Bridges

The Charlotte Hornets' Miles Bridges and the Phoenix Suns' Mikal Bridges are professional NBA players who grew up loving basketball from a very young age. 

Many people believed that Miles and Mikal were brothers when NBA fans discovered Mikal and Miles share the same last name during their draft in 2018. 

But Are They Really Brothers?

Miles was drafted No. 12 overall by the Los Angles Clippers and then immediately traded to the Charlotte Hornets. In contrast, Mikal was selected with the 10th overall pick by Philadelphia Sixers, and minutes later, he got sent to the Phoenix Suns.

On July 2, 2018, Miles Bridges officially signed a three-year contract with the Hornets worth $10,896,360.

However, Miles and Mikal are not related in any way. The two forwards come from different families. Mikal grew up in Philadelphia, whereas Miles grew up 784 miles away from Mikal in Flint, Michigan.

Confusions were created because of their identical last names, and as a result, fans stormed Twitter, questioning if the two were really brothers. 

But these two NBA stars are not brothers by blood. The result really shocked a lot of NBA viewers; one fan wrote,

A Fan Reacts to Mikal And Miles Bridges

A Fan Shocking Reaction To Mikal & Miles Bridges (Source: Twitter)

Besides, Mikal has an older brother, Eric Bridges, and two younger brothers: Jack and Korey Bridges, whereas Miles has one sister, Tara Rushing.  

Miles's performance on the court is quite exceptional, but people are more curious about his love life. 

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Miles Bridges's Girlfriend & Married Life

Milles married his long-time girlfriend and fellow basketball enthusiast Michelle Johnson. The couple started dating in late 2015 or early 2016.

Bridges' wife Michelle was a basketball player, and she played high school basketball to represent St. Joseph Catholic High School and played for Middle Tennesse State University's team.

Miles and Michelle are the parents of two beautiful children. The couple was blessed with a son, Ace Miles Bridges on October 26, 2018, and a daughter Ayla Marie on February 25, 2020.

Miles Bridges And His Two Kids

Miles Bridges And His Two Kids (Source: Instagram)

However, this beautiful married couple seems to be going through downs as Michelle has deleted all of Miles's pictures from her Instagram.

It all started when Bridges openly commented about drinking RnB singer and Kyrie Irving's ex-girlfriend Kehlani's bathwater. 

A Screenshot From Instagram Where Miles Says That He'll Drink Kehlani's Bath Water

A Screenshot From Instagram Where Miles Says That He'll Drink Kehlani's Bath Water (Source: Twitter)

A Look Into Miles Bridges's Family

Miles Bridges was born on March 21, 1998, to Raymond and Cynthia Bridges. His parents played a pivotal role in Miles's development as a basketball enthusiast.

His father, Raymond Bridges, who played center and power forward, held back-to-back Class A state championships at Flint Northern under coach Bill Frieder in 1971 and 1972. His 1971 team is still appraised as one of the best high school teams in Flint history.

Miles loved his father as he was the one who introduced Miles to basketball at the tender age of 2, and he uses his father's legacy as motivation to improve.

Miles Bridges Wishing Father's Day To His Father

Miles Bridges Wishing Father's Day To His Father (Source: Instagram)

Apart from his father, Bridges's mother also encouraged her son to play basketball.

While talking to Michigan State's official newspaper, Miles's mother, Cynthia, stated that her son suffers from Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and to get out excess energy, she would encourage her son to engage in more basketball.

Miles Bridges And His Mother, Cynthia

Miles Bridges And His Mother, Cynthia (Source: Detroit Free Press)

A November 2017 feature in the Detroit Free Press referred to Miles as a "mamma's boy."

The article also said that Cynthia worked for 42 years as a hospital receptionist and wanted her son to be a "one and done" player so that she could retire.

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A Short Bio

Miles Bridges is a 23-year-old NBA player who plays as a forward for the Charlotte Hornets.

Bridges attended middle school at Woodland Park Academy in Grand Blanc, Michigan, then moved to Flint to attend Flint Southwestern High School.

His listed height is 6ft 6 inches with 225lb (102kg) weight.

He is now waiting for the 2021-22 NBA season to kick off his hooping skills.