Is Mike Bayer Gay? Is the Life Coach Hiding His Partner?

Is Mike Bayer Gay? Is the Life Coach Hiding His Partner?

Life coach Mike Bayer, known to have transformed several lives with his guidance, has always kept his life affairs transparent to his followers, except for his love life.  

Moreover, as seen in his online platforms, his avid support for the LGBTQIA+ community has people wondering if he is gay.

Is Mike Bayer Gay?

The rumor of Mike being gay ultimately came from his social media posts, where he frequently shows his support to the LGBTQIA+ community. 

The speculation roughly started in 2017, when he took to his Instagram account to upload adorable pictures with his close friend, Jay Glazer. He posted the picture, wishing him a birthday, and hashtagged the post with 'bromance.'

Although the post alone did not hint anything regarding his sexuality, his followers were reluctant to connect the dots. 

Another one of his posts that added to the rumor was that of June 2019, when he proudly flaunted a pose standing in front of the LGBTQIA+ flag which read, "I hope you know how loved you are" and mentioned LGBTQ pride in the post. 

Mike Bayer posing in front of a pride flag

Mike Bayer posing in front of a pride flag (Source: Instagram)

On top of that, a post of December 2020 might confirm Mike as gay. In the 'gram post, he uploaded a throwback picture with a homecoming queen back in 1999, and the comment section had all the real sauce. 

Out of curiosity, one of his followers had asked, "Is Dr. Mike gay?" Mike replied to the comment, saying he was not a doctor but skipped addressing the gay part. However, another one of his followers replied to the question, saying, 

He's not a "Dr"......... but you're right about the other part.

Fans commenting on the throwback picture of Mike discussing his sexuality

Fans commenting on the throwback picture of Mike discussing his sexuality (Source: Instagram

All in all, without Mike addressing the sexuality speculation himself, it would be irrelevant to assume the rumor as true.

Is Mike Bayer in a Relationship?

Mike reveals everything but his love life. However, his social media posts suggest he might be single as of now. 

The life coach does not seem to be the type to keep his love life under wraps if he is committed to a partner. 

Moreover, he has not been rumored to have a wife and is yet to get married. 

Despite his secretive love life, his professional life is what people are widely familiar with.

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Mike Helping People As a Life Coach 

The two times New York Times best-selling author Mike has grown into a renowned TV personality and life coach whose goal is to guide people through life to help them build a successful career and sound mental health. 

His career choice was inspired by his own life struggles when he was trapped deep into addiction while young. 

But later, he took his life situation as an opportunity to help others out of the rut, and he embarked on a career as a life coach. 

Over the years, Mike has worked with numerous high profiled clients, including Demi Lovato. 

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His Fall Out With Demi Lovato

Despite being known for his great work, Mike, who used to be Demi's life coach, had a major fallout with the pop star during 2018.  

Mike with Demi Lovato and Jay Glazer

Mike with Demi Lovato and Jay Glazer (Source: Instagram)

The bitterness in their relationship surfaced the media when Demi left some hints through her social handle responding to a vlog Mike had made on his Instagram saying, 

I worked in entertainment for many years being a life coach for a lot of different pop stars and actors, and my biggest pet peeve is when they use excuses because they call themselves ‘artists'

Though the life coach did not mention Demi's name in his vlog, she responded to his vlog, writing, "Good luck on your blog."

After the online feud, Demi unfollowed the life coach and, based on their online appearances, they do not seem to have rekindled their friendship.

As of now, Mike Bayer is actively continuing his mission of helping people achieve sound mental health and stability. Information regarding Bayer's treatment facility can be accessed from his Website