Tim Gunn Married, Partner, Family, Facts

Tim Gunn was supposedly married to a man previously...he had to have a divorce with his husband...most probably with his spouse...a long-lived relationship with his partner...ended up as Tim's boyfriend only for a month...with Daniel, a gay stereotype...relationships during his young age as per bio...the only family member Tim revealed...facts about him...

Tim Gunn Married, Partner, Family, Facts

Tim Gunn has named himself in the list of the best television show hosts in the United States. He is also an open gay whose honesty has led people to idealize his being. 

Nevertheless, most facts about him don't cover the movies Tim has done. Tim's role as the voiceover of Henri in The Smurfs is one less addressed contribution of Tim. 

Married To Husband / Spouse?

Along with his career, Tim's relationships have also been a matter of public discussion. The man has lived many hardships in his relationships during his young age. 

Long ago during his best career days, Tim had a long-lasting relationship with his partner. Although there were no reports of their marriage, Tim referred to their split as divorce. Thus, the man he was in a relationship with could have been Tim's husband. 

Tim was most probably with his spouse for nine long years. But they put an end to their relationship later, which forced Tim to believe that he would never fall in love again. However, after ten years of his split with his partner, Tim fell in love again. 

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In 1992, Tim met a guy named Daniel in a flight. Daniel was a flight attendant; at the plane, Tim traveled for his journey to Asia.

Incidentally, the two came closer to one another and started a relationship. However, Daniel ended up as Tim's boyfriend only for a month. Due to some circumstances created, Tim couldn't continue his relationship with Daniel. 

It was one of Tim's perfect friends who referred to Tim's relationship with Daniel, a gay stereotype. Tim was in a situation where he had to choose between his friend and Daniel. And apparently, Tim happened to select that friend. Thus, Tim ended up with Daniel on a very bad note. 

However, Tim also couldn't keep up with that friend, due to the anger of losing Daniel for him. Hence, he refers to the fact that he did not end up with anyone as an irony.

As of now, Tim doesn't seem much interested to be in a relationship. He is often busy with his work and is mostly spotted with his co-stars.

Tim Gunn poses with his co-star, Heidi Klum (Photo: edition.cnn)

Hopefully, Kim keeps up with it and enhances the amount of respect the industry already has for him. 

Tim Gunn's Bio: Age, Family

The famous American TV show host, Tim Gunn, was born on 29th July 1953 in Washington D.C., Washington. The 66-year-old is a son to father George William Gunn and mother Nancy Gunn.

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Raised in a family of four, Tim Gunn never revealed his sexuality to his parents. He suspected that his mother figured it out, but his father never even had a doubt as he died very early. 

However, the only family member Tim revealed his sexual orientation to his sister, Kim Gunn Gundy. Tim came out to her when he was nearing his 30s.

Tim feared to reveal his sexuality in the time when there were terrible reputations of being gay.

However, more than anything else, he came out to the public, and never concealed his sexual orientation, as a celebrated figure. Thus, Tim has been an inspiration to the ones who stand beautifully unique, but are left disregarded by society.