Ted Gibson Age, Married, Husband, Gay, Hair, Salon, Bio, Net Worth

Ted Gibson got married on 13 August 2014...he has a husband Jason Backe...celebrated their gay wedding...attended by their friends and family...had their own popular hair salon in New York...celebrates his birthday on 15 November as per bio...net worth has skyrocketed...a very young age... the great height of success...

Ted Gibson Age, Married, Husband, Gay, Hair, Salon, Bio, Net Worth

Quick Information

Hairdressers have made a huge name in the world today. Because people are well informed about fashion and conscious about what is stylish, the value of hairdressers is increasing. One such hairdresser is Ted Gibson. He is a celebrity hairdresser. Today, his work is well-appreciated by many celebrities. He worked for a long time in his own salon in New York City. The man, who celebrates his birthday on 15 November, aims to reach a great height of success in the coming years.

Ted has been committed to his work from a very young age. His success in the fashion industry is found all over in the talks that are spread in the world. He satisfies all his clients and is determined to do his best in the years to come. His clients who have been there with him for longest of time are Anne Hathaway, Kate Gosselin, Zoe Saldana, Ashley Greene, and Renee Zellweger. Other fashion houses like Chanel and Prada have also been the regular customer of Ted.

Ted is a big influence in the fashion industry. Despite his busy schedule, he finds out time to maintain his presence in social media which is one of the biggest sources to show off his hair stylings and make their salon reach to the greatest number of people.

Ted Gibson Married, Gay

Apart from money and fame, Ted's passion also gave him the best life-partner. It's no surprise to the public today that Ted is gay. Thus, he has a husband Jason Backe who is a famous hair colorist himself. Ted and Jason celebrated their gay wedding after the legal appraisal of LGBTQ marriage in the USA. 

Adding to their long-lasting relationship, the couple decided to get married on 13 August 2014, celebrating the 20 years of their first date. Their reception took place in The Ted Gibson Hair Salon which was attended by their friends and family.

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As of now, the couple has been together and still looking so much youthful and seem to enjoy every bit of life with each other.

Ted Gibson Hair Salon, Net Worth

Besides being a life partner, Ted and Jason are also the business partners. They had their own popular hair salon in New York for 20 years until the couple decided to move their business to Los Angeles in 2018.

Ted Gibson & his husband-business partner Jason Backe present the concept of their new hair salon in LA on 1 May 2019 (Ted Gibson's Instagram)

Today, Ted is considered as most sought-after runway and celebrity hairstyles. He is in such a good business because of his skills and talents. Not everyone can become such an amazing fashion icon in a short period of time. Today because of the hard work and long-term efforts, his net worth has skyrocketed.

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He earns good money and accumulated amazing wealth for himself. He can live a luxurious and comfortable life with the money that he makes. Ted's work can be found in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, W, Allure, etc. He even has many of his product lines that are appreciated by the users of his products.