Sophie Hermann| Love Blooms With Tom Zanetti| From Celebs Go Dating to Made in Chelsea!

Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti split after six months of dating.

Sophie Hermann| Love Blooms With Tom Zanetti| From Celebs Go Dating to Made in Chelsea!

Quick Information

Sophie Hermann, a popular English actress, revealed on Feb 17, 2021, through her Instagram live that she and DJ Tom Zanetti's romance was thriving beyond the sets of Celebs Go Dating.

But, the romance seems to have come with an expiry date as the couple splits after six months of dating.

Why Did Sophie Hermann and Tom Zanetti Split?

Falling for one another since appearing on the reality series Celebs Go Dating, the pair became one of the highly anticipated celeb couples.

To be close to each other, later, Tom joined the reality show, Made In Chelsea alongside his former lover, Hermann.

While their Instagram handles were flooding with their cute couple moments, everything seemed to have been going well between the two. But the news of the seemingly happy couple's separation took their fans by surprise.

"It was a shock to everyone because they seemed so in love, but it was so intense meeting on CGD, then moving in together on MIC - it was a lot, very soon," a source reports.

Further, the reason behind their split is said to be due to the long distance between Tom and Hermann. Tom resides in Leeds, closer to his teenage son, while Hermann resides in London.

Unlike in the reality series, where the pair stayed together the whole time, things might have gone rough when they had to stay away in real life.

The fact that the reality show stars have already unfollowed each other and deleted their Instagram posts involving one another is evident enough to prove they have actually separated.

Moreover, in an interview, Hermann also made it quite clear about her relationship with Tom by saying,

I wouldn't call it a relationship anyway. We have never defined anything because we only had the time to see each other for a short amount of time  

Sophie and Tom, as seen on her now-deleted Instagram post.

Hermann's Dating History

Before her relationship with Tom, Hermann has been linked with a few more renowned personalities. 

She has dated John Hynes, a close friend of the British racer Lewis Hamilton. Flaunting their bond in several events in the show business, the pair was the talk of the town during 2015. 

But the even bigger news was when Hermann's name was associated with the star actor Johny Deep after her split with Hynes. However, nothing seemed to have happened between the two besides the rumor of them sharing phone calls only surfaced, as per a source

After the headline striking gossip about Hermann and Johny Deep settled, the reality series star surprised fans with her relationship with co-star Frederik Ferrier in 2017. The couple's romance came to life after they starred together in Made In Chelsea.   

However, the brief relationship came to an end, and shortly, Hermann was seen on a blind date with model Will Higginson. That, too, didn't last long.

After a series of brief romances, Hermann, a.k.a. The Duchess, was in a relationship with Tom Zenetti that lasted for six months.   

A short Bio

Hermann, known for her chic and lavish lifestyle, has earned a huge fanbase from her appearances on the reality series Made In Chelsea and Celebs Go Dating. The German-born was raised and schooled in Switzerland, and now she resides in London.

Belonging to a well-off family, she is an heir to her grandmother's clothing brand, the Mustang Jeans. Besides, her father was a prominent business consultant, and her step-grandmother is a renowned German actress, Uschi Glas. 

Surrounded by such strong personalities in her family, Hermann has also marked her place in the entertainment and the business sector, owning her own fashion collection.

Although the accurate detail on her net worth is nowhere to be found, she is certainly entitled to a bulky sum depending on her successful entertainment career and a business venture.