Shaniqua Tompkins Bio, Age, Children, Dating

Shaniqua Tompkins celebrates her birthday on 17 September according to her bio...Shaniqua and 50 Cent had a long relationship...raised their children as a single for some years...American nationality...relationship with her reached the height of the age of 43...and ethnicity of...called her ex-boyfriend a "clown"...

Shaniqua Tompkins Bio, Age, Children, Dating

Quick Information

Any kind of relationship with a famous person provides fame and attention, even if the relationship ends on bad terms. Similarly, renowned rapper 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins gained popularity because of that relationship. She remains on the spotlight despite the fact that the relationship ended three decades ago.

Now and again, Shaniqua and 50 Cent are seen having an online battle on social media, which proves that they are still not over their past relationship. The argument is definitely interesting to watch though!

Shaniqua Tompkins Dating 50 Cent

Shaniqua and 50 Cent had a long relationship in the 90s and dated for some years. After dating for some years, everyone thought that the relationship would last and the rapper would consequently become Shaniqua's husband. 

However, life had different plans for them, and they finally ended their tumultuous relationship after it reached the height of problems. The on and off again couple was rumored to have split in the 1990s but welcomed their first child, Marquise Jackson, in 1997.

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Shaniqua and 50 Cent do not have a friendly relationship and occasionally comment harsh things on each others' social media. They are seen demotivating and insulting each other, which undoubtedly gains a lot of media sensation.

In fact, Shaniqua called her ex-boyfriend a "clown" when he remarked that Shaniqua was a "bitter old bitch" in one of her photographs. Shaniqua also reportedly posted a picture of male genitals with herpes and said that 50 Cent needed a cure for genital herpes! A general idea of their relationship can be pictured from these arguments and social media battles.

Shaniqua Tompkins' Children

Before Shaniqua met the famous rapper 50 Cent, whose original name is Curtis Jackson, she already had a daughter named, Mia Jackson. Shaniqua has not revealed the father of her first child, so there is no information about that matter.

Shaniqua's relationship with 50 Cent gave birth to their first child Marquise Jackson in 1997, and they shared the child's affinity for a while until they parted ways.

Shaniqua and 50 Cent could not decide on the joint authority of their son until 2008, and this led to lots of problems in their family. Also, because the father and son share a not-so-close bond, Shaniqua raised Marquise on her own.

Shaniqua Tompkins spends quality time with her children on 29 May 2018 (Photo: Shaniqua Tompkin's Instagram)

Shaniqua raised both her children as a single mom, so she is very protective of both her children.

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She continually posts pictures with both of them on social media, which shows her motherly love towards them. She has undoubtedly taught her children the life lessons that she learned herself!

Shaniqua Tompkins Bio - Age, Ethnicity

Shaniqua Tompkins celebrates her birthday on 17 September every year according to her bio. She was born in 1975 in Queens, New York, holding the nationality of an American.

Not much is known about Shaniqua's family and ethnicity as she only gained fame after having her relationship with 50 Cent. However, she shares a close relationship with her parents who taught her to be humble and live a simple life despite having riches.

Shaniqua totally believes that money should not be able to change a person's thinking and one should always remain humble and prioritize things in life in order to work effectively.

At the age of 43, she is a strong independent woman who raised both her children as a single mother.